Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Target Announces New Lilly Pulitzer

Target just announced that they are collaborating with Lilly Pulitzer to release a new line on April 19. This line will be exclusive to Target and offer 250 different items. Prices of these items will range between $2 and $150. However, most items will be under $30. It was even revealed that the collection will offer 15 exclusive prints. With this just hitting the media yesterday, I thought I’d offer my thoughts. 
I’m quite thrilled about the partnership. I think it’s a great opportunity for people to own pieces that mimic the classic Lilly style while not spending the higher prices for the actual designs. Coming from someone who owns multiple Lilly Pulitzer items, it’s not always realistic to pay high end prices. Whether it be for Lilly items or another designer/brand, the price tags just aren't always possible. It’s also great even if someone can afford designer brands but prefer to get a better bang for their buck for their favorite style. Personally, I love the bright colors and bold prints that are synonymous with Lilly Pulitzer and am excited to have additional opportunities to own it.
I think it has the potential to really increase Lilly Pulitzer’s sales as well. The items at Target will be more accessible to people, therefore opportunity for sales. In addition, seeing the items in the store might encourage people to get on the website and buy other designs (at full price). I know that there are some people who disapprove of the partnership. However, I believe that if you are a true Lilly lover you’d be excited for their next business adventure. Can't wait for April 19th!


Faith Dumais

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