Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wardrobe Essentials

Since I was little I've always been really into fashion. I spent sleepless nights coming up with new outfits using what was in my closet and spent free time flipping through Teen Vogue. So I thought I’d share my wardrobe essentials. These 10 items are things I don’t think I could live without. I feel like all of these pieces are neutral or basic enough to offer endless outfit possibilities. My personal style tends to be very preppy, however, I feel like these will translate to other styles as well.

  1. Black Leggings
These are a good staple to have in your closet because you can do almost anything with them. You can pair them with a nice blouse for a dressy look, or with a Tshirt for a casual or lazy look. The ones pictured are from a brand called Tangerine and I got them at Sams Club. Awesome find!

  1. Leopard Print Flats
These are great for more styled or dressy looks. They can be paired with every neutral and some color (such as pink or red). I wore mine to my cousins rrehearsal dinner with leggings and a red blouse and it looked great. The ones pictured are American Eagle and I got them on sale at Payless. Love them!

  1. Black Flats
These are great for both dressy and casual looks. I wear these both ways all the time. They look nice and classic but are not as dressy as heels and they are not too nice to wear with things like Tshirts. The ones pictured are American Eagle as well. My mom gave them to me (Thanks mom!), but I have seen the exact pair at Payless before. So glad I own them!

  1. White Infinity Scarf
Having one of these is so great! Coming from someone that wears a lot of neutrals, I can wear this with almost every single outfit. I really love infinity scarfs in general. They are a great accessory because they are so simple yet pull together a look flawlessly. The one pictured was a gift from my nana (Thanks nana!) therefore, I don’t know the brand or where it was purchased. I was super thrilled to receive it!

  1. Jean Jacket
This is one of my favorite staple pieces. It works with everything. I think wearing it as a jacket, but also as a part of my outfit that I’d wear all day long. I don’t know the brand or place of purchase for the one pictured. I honestly don’t remember when I got it. Sorry guys!

  1. White Sneakers
This are just a great neutral shoe. I suggest Keds, they are my personal favorite. These, as most of my other essentials, can be dressed up or dressed down. The sneakers pictured are Keds and I bought them at a local shoe shop. They are awesome!

  1. Spirit Jersey
These are absolutely wonderful! I love to wear them out and about but also love them for lazy outfits. They have some style to them, but so comfortable. I have one pictured. The pink one is from Southern Shirt Co. and it was a gift from my parents (Thanks mom and daddy!) but I know it was purchased online.

  1. White Puffer Vest
These are great for fall/winter outfits. They are so simple but look so good. The one pictured is from Free Country and I bought it at Sams Club. Amazing find!

  1. Cute Long Sleeve Tshirts
These are great for just lazy outfits. I love having lazy clothes that are also cute. All of the shirts pictured are from Future First Lady. Love the shirts and the brand!

  1. Black Cardigan
This is another great staple that can be dressed up or dressed down. So cute too! I don’t remember where this is from. Sorry again guys!

       Hope this helped those hoping to build their wardrobe! 

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