Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How I Feel About: Being 18

So I recently turned 18 and with that change I have been thinking a lot about it. How do I feel about being 18? What does it look like to be 18? What really changes now that I'm 18? So I felt like I wanted to go a blog post about this.
To begin, a part of me feels like nothing has changed. I went to school at 17, and now I go to school at 18. I had chores at 17, and I still have them at 18. I went to the gym at 17, and I continue to go to the gym at 18. So for me personally, it doesn't look like this monumental point in my life has made much of a difference. Because let's be honest, the only things that 18 year olds can do is buy lottery tickets or scratch offs (which I have bought a couple of them already and had some fun with them. I won $3!) and vote (which won't happen until 2016 anyway.) Now don't get me wrong, I think those things are awesome, but they are not really the huge change kids often expect.
But on the other hand, I do feel a change in my life. It might not be the profound game changer I had imagined, but still a change nonetheless. I feel a deeper responsibility for my actions for sure. No longer will my parents be able to help me with every little thing, even if they wanted to. Now don't take this to mean my mom is always cleaning up my messes, but the fact that she won't be able to anymore has had great meaning to me the last few days. I must take an even longer moment to work things out myself before I decide to give up. I feel like teenagers often fall short to handling high stress problems. 
I'm excited to be 18 as well. With being 18 comes the chance to take a closer look at the future and decide what that looks like for you. What college you want to go to, what you want to major in, where you want to live are all your own decisions at 18. I plan to rise to the occasion.
I know that my readers are both older and younger than 18, I hope this post helps someone or allows someone to connect with me through their own experience at this age!


  1. My advice is ENJOY your youth, you only get it to do it once.

  2. I just turned eighteen on the 24th. It is crazy to think we are 100% responsible for our actions. We have so many oppourtunites, and choices to make in the next few months it is so scary and exciting. Cheers to being eighteen.