Monday, February 2, 2015

Instagram Feed

This post, titled Instagram Feed , takes a couple of my most recent Instagram pictures and talks about what has been going on in my life lately. The pictures start with the oldest and work to the newest. Please let me know if this is something you would like me to do more often!

The picture above is of my sister and I at the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art in Charlotte. Last week we decided to do something new, and going to this museum ending up being it! I thought it was really fun to do. I found that even if I didn't necessarily like a particular piece of art, it was still really cool to see. I'm glad I was able to do something that was out of my normal routine. Honestly, I hope I get the chance to go to more art museums in the future!

January 27th was my birthday, I turned 18! So to celebrate I decided to go to Cafe Monte for dinner. I ended up getting roasted chicken, asparagus, and masked potatoes. It all tasted so good! Not only is the food amazing, I really love the atmosphere at Cafe Monte too. It's so warm and intimate. I feel like that's how a cafe in France would be like! For desert I got a chocolate macaroon. If you haven't had a macaroon before, I highly recommend you try one! They're delicious. My only regret with Cafe Monte is that I don't eat there more often!

I posted this picture just the other day. It was kind of my official announcement on my social media that I have chosen to attend the University of North Carolina Charlotte next year. (I plan on double majoring in special education and elementary education for anyone interested.) I also sent this picture in a post card format family and people close to me as an announcement as well. I think the picture and the announcement turned out so cute. I am just that more excited for my future at UNCC!

I hope this post is something y'all enjoyed, I actually loved writing it! I think it's really fun to do something more personal. Again, please let me know if y'all would like to see posts like this in the future. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram (@faith_allyn_dumais) for even more life updates!



  1. I love these kinds of posts!! It's always neat to see what's behind the picture! Also, Happy Birthday, faith!

    Emily |

    1. Thanks so much! I love these too, you can definitely expect some more in the future!