Monday, February 23, 2015

Shake it Off

It's okay to let go. It's even good to let go. It's really necessary to let go. Letting go of all built up hurt is the only way to move on. Shake it off. Don't let what others say have so much power over you that your happiness is taken. You are better than what they say you are. You are worth more than they say you are. You are so much more important then they make so feel. Shake it off. If we could all begin to live by what we truly know we are capable of rather than what those around us say we're capable of, success would be infinite. Shake it off. You must defy their mediocre expectations and tear down their detrimental wall of limitation so that you may be happy. That's what you deserve. You have the just the right as anyone to have success, have happiness, have peace. Shake it off. 


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