Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day!

Hey y'all! So there are tons of school districts that canceled school today in North Carolina due to bad weather. There isn't any snow where I live, (sadly) but there was a ton of ice last night and into this morning. The ice has been melting pretty fast, but school was canceled all the same. So I thought it would be cute to do a post about what I did during my snow day!

I slept in and woke up without an alarm (yay!) around 7:30. It may not seem like much, but I usually get up at 6 o'clock so I really loved the extra hour an a half! Bellow is a screenshot I took of my home screen when I got up this morning. I absolutely love my background!

I did have to do some homework. Yesterday,  my AP Psychology teacher assigned some work from our textbooks that is due tomorrow. It wasn't too bad through and I was able to get it done pretty fast. My AP Literature teacher assigned some reading in Shakespeare's Hamlet I has to go as well. I have never been a huge Shakespeare fan (and prefer writing over reading), but Hamlet isn't too bad and has a pretty interesting plot line. Bellow I have a picture of my AP Psychology textbook as well as on of my copy of Hamlet

Since the roads aren't too bad anymore I decided I was going to go to the gym for a little while. I just couldn't keep myself in the house and I don't live far from my gym at all so I figured it would be alright. The roads ended up being fine and there was hardly any cars. Now that I'm back home and everything I'm so thrilled I was able to go to the gym. I always feel so much better after a work out. Today I just biked for 8 miles on the stationary bike. Bellow is a picture I put on my Snapchat story after my workout.

My mom makes these really yummy crackers. I'm not even sure what she puts on them though!  She made them today and it was a great little snack so I thought I'd include them in this post. I've got to get her to show me how to make them soon! Bellow is a picture of the crackers.

Today Mardi Gras! It's a big deal down in New Orleans and because my family (myself included) has always loved  New Orleans, my family likes to celebrate just a little. My mom made King Cake, for anyone who doesn't know what it is the kind my mom makes is basically just cinnamon rolls with extra sugar! In addition to that we are also having gumbo and shrimp for dinner, both classic New Orleans. Bellow is a picture of the King Cake.

Overall I think today has been a pretty good and pretty productive day for me. How was your day today? Did you have off of school/work too? What did you do today? Let me know if you enjoyed this post! I think I may want to do more posts about what I do on a daily basis such as "A Typical Weekday" or "A Typical Weekend day" Tell me if you'd be interested in those posts!


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