Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Favorite Songs

I really wanted to write about some of my favorite songs, so here it is! The songs listed below are one's I listen to over and over again. On my spotify account, I have a playlist named "Feed Good" with these exact songs on them! I usually turn them on when I'm getting ready or in the shower. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do.

Honey, I'm Good- Andy Grammer

Back Home- Andy Grammer
Forever- Andy Grammer
Keep Your Head Up- Andy Grammer
Fine By Me- Andy Grammer
Lunatic- Andy Grammer
The Pocket- Andy Grammer
Ladies- Andy Grammer
Biggest Man in Los Angeles- Andy Grammer
Leavin'- Jesse McCartney
How Do You Sleep?- Jesse McCartney
Body Language- Jesse McCartney
Beautiful Soul- Jesse McCartney
Burnin' Up- Jonas Brothers
A Little Bit Longer- Jonas Brothers
S.O.S- Jonas Brothers
Year 3000- Jonas Brothers
Make A Move- Gavin DeGraw
Best I Ever Had- Gavin DeGraw
Who's Gonna Save Us- Gavin DeGraw
Not Over You- Gavin DeGraw
Half of My Heart- John Mayer
Your Body Is a Wonderland- John Mayer
Vultures- John Mayer
Thinking Out Loud- Ed Sheeran
Don't- Ed Sheeran
Stay With Me- Sam Smith


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