Friday, May 29, 2015

Featured Outfit of the Week: 5/29!

Happy Friday everyone! As high school comes to a close, I learn to love Fridays and the weekend even more than before. So here's this weeks outfit!

Lilly for Target Jumpsuit 
Jean jacket (only pictured in one picture)
White sandals

Kate Spade earrings
Gold Bauble bar  necklace

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Nail Color

Hi everyone! I painted my nails a few days ago and I just had to share! I used the JulieG Nail Color in Damsel. I got this in my April Ipsy bag and I was pretty skeptical at first because I had never heard of the brand. I was so pleasantly surprised! It's such a pretty color (a classic hot pink) and has held up pretty well. I'm really glad I got this nail polish and I'd recommend it to anyone who's interested!


Monday, May 25, 2015

Canvas Art

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to kind of show you the process of making this canvas art! Please keep in mind that I am no artist. I know that this will not serve as a tutorial to help anyone. I just wanted to take you along on the process. I hope you enjoy!

So, there whole reason I did this project in the first place (I'm not one to just pull out paints on a whim, however, I wish I was!). As part of being a senior in Student Council, we are all aloud to paint little canvases (like the one in the pictures bellow) however we like. The canvases are then hung up on the wall in the Student Council office with the ones from pasts years. It's a way to leave our legacy with many Student Council classes to come.

Now, I would lying if I said that this was easy for me. I was unsure what I wanted mine to look like. And if I did decide, I didn't believe I had the artistic ability to pull it off. But, overall, I am so pleased with how my canvas turned out!

So here's how I did it:

I started with acrylic craft pink in the color Neon Pick from the brand My Studio, and covered the whole canvas with it. It did take multiple coats to get it to look how I wanted it.

Progress update photo:

Next, I took gold metallic acrylic paint from the brand Folk Art, and painted a lot of medium sized polka dots all around the canvas.

Progress update photo:

Lastly, I took a black Sharpie paint pen and wrote both the Shakespeare quote from A Midsummer's Night Dream "And though she be but little she is fierce." as well as my monogram.



Friday, May 22, 2015

Featured Outfit of the Week: 5/22!

I hope everyone's having a wonderful Friday! Here is this weeks featured outfit! I hope you enjoy!

Black and White Dress
White Sandals

White Statement necklace
Pearl Earrings
Pearl bracelet


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Senior Pictures

Hi everyone! Today I really wanted to share with you some of my favorite senior pictures! I took these last summer right before my senior year started, so sometimes I feel like these don't really look like me anymore. But I do really like them! Hope you enjoy. 


Monday, May 18, 2015

IPSY May 2015

Hi everyone! I got my Ipsy bag this weekend so I'm ready to share what I got inside. Once again, if your interested in this subscription follow the link here.

This months theme is Jet Setter. Here's a look at everything I got. I think that bag is adorable! There has been some pretty lackluster makeup bags from Ipsy in the past, but I'm in love with this one! I just have to find a way to use it on a daily basis.

Ok, so here's what I got.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil + Bonus Revolution High-Color Gloss
Now, I haven't had much experience with lip pencils, but I'm glad I got this one! It's in the color ozone and can be use with ANY lip product. I hope to try it out really soon! I'm also glad they include two bonus lip gloss samples! They are very small, but they're bonus and didn't count as one of my samples so I can't complain. Can't wait to try those too!

BellaPierre Cosmetics Waterproof Mineral Gel Eyeliner Pencil
I haven't heard much about this brand, but I use black eyeliner pencils a lot so I really can't go wrong with getting another one!

The Organic Pharmacy Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream
This is an organic moisturizer. I have really dry skin, so getting another moisturizer to try out is always a good thing!

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray
I've never really used dry shampoo. My hair is so dry that is never gets oily enough between washes to use it. I haven't heard anything about this one from Oscar Blandi either. I'm excited to get to try it out! I love that it's such a huge size too!

Luxie Beauty Tapered Blending Eye Brush 205
This makeup brush seems to be pretty good quality, sturdy handle and soft brush. However, I just don't really have a need for another makeup brush. I have all of the ones I really use. But despite that, I think it's a really awesome thing to include in the bag!


Friday, May 15, 2015

Featured Outfit of the Week: 5/15

Hey everyone! It's yet another Friday (that's never upsetting is it?! NOPE!) so here's this week's featured outfit of the week.

Black Maxi dress
Chambray shirt

Kendra Scott Elle earrings


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Bible Study Journal

Hi everyone! I wanted to quickly share my Bible Study Journal: What it looks like, how I use it, and some simple tips for getting started! Hope you enjoy.

First off, below is pictures of my Journal.

Second, I wanted to discuss how I use the journal! I follow along with the She Reads Truth reading plans (for a full explanation of what STR is- check out my post about it here!). With each new reading plan I print and paste the title picture (usually found on the STR website and social media pages) before I start anymore journaling (as seen in the above picture). It’s an easy way to separate reading plans as well as add some color to your journal. So as you saw in the picture I start the top of the page with the date in the left hand corner (my journal already had a spot for the date.) Then on the first line I write the title of the reading plan as well as the day number. In the picture above it says “The Risen Christ Day 8.” I also write down the title of that day's devotional. In the picture above it says "Peace be With You." After that I write down what text of the Bible was studied that day. In the picture above it says “John 20:19-23, Genesis 2:4-7, and Galatians 5:16-26.” After than I just write down anything for the passages of the SRT devotional I want to keep or remember. That's it! My journaling is very simple and no fuss, but it works perfectly for me.

Lastly, I wanted to include a couple tips for those wanting to start a journal.
  1. Pick a Bible Study plan that works for you- I said earlier in the post that I follow the She Reads Truth reading plans, however you can find a different one or start one for yourself!
  2. Find a journal YOU like- There are so many different journals out there to pick from. I suggest picking one you like, no matter what it is, it does not have to look like mine! This way you’ll be more inclined to use it!
  3. Put your own style into it!- Yours doesn;t have to look anything like mine! If you want to use cursive writing or colors- Go for it!
  4. Take quiet time out of each day to do it- I always put time aside so that I can be completely focused on my journaling. It helps to really read the message and relax as well.
  5. Have fun with it- Make sure you enjoy doing it and it’s not just a chore for you!
  6. Use it to grow- Whether it’s spiritual grow or personal growth. I have used it to become more at peace but also learn to follow God more! I hope you get something very beneficial out of journaling.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How I stay organized: My Agenda

Hey everyone! So today I thought I’d share another way in which I keep my crazy life organized. That’s using an agenda. It’s an easy way to write everything you have going on in one spot so that you can always know exactly what’s going on the next day. The particular one I use is the Lilly Pulitzer 17 month agenda in Jellies Be Jammin’. I like it because it’s pretty big so there’s plenty of room to write and plan! It has a week at a glance and a month at a glance.

I utilize the week at a glance to write down specific events I have on a day to day basis. For example, I write down all of the zumba classes I want to attend. In addition, all before after school events (such as club meetings) are written down.I also include events not school related such as volunteering or birthdays or friends and families. I highlight all events happening outside of school hours in yellow so they easily stand out when looking over the page. As far as assignments go, I write down all test and important due dates and highlight them in pink. This helps these stand out against everything else as well. Lastly, I write down all homework I must do that day.

I utilize the month at a glance to write down all important or out of the normal routine events. In the example I've got my AP exams written down, information regarding presidential elections at my high school (I’m on the committee that is in charge of running the election process), and the information I need to participate in Senior Week! This is really easy to quickly see what “big stuff” you have going on this month.

I hope this inspired y'all to get organized!


Friday, May 8, 2015

Featured Outfit of the Week: 5/8!

TGIF everyone! Here's this week's featured outfit of the week!

Black Tshirt with white monogram
Seersucker shorts
White Sandals
Black Belt

Vintage Tiffany key necklace
Kate Spade Earrings


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Book Review: 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Hey everyone! I've got another quick book review today. The book I'm talking about today is The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell.

I had to read this book for Student Council this year. Now my high school's student council is set up a little differently than normal. Instead of it being a board of members who all have a specific title, it is a group of about 32 of us with only a defined President and Vice President. To be apart of student council we had to apply and commit to a class called Leadership Skills. So a part from planing dances and events, we read this book to learn more about leadership.

I fairly enjoyed the book. I think it had a lot of things that were applicable in my student council life, things I could use in the future as being a teacher, but also things that would just apply to different life experiences I may come across. In the book Maxwell does talk a lot about being a higher up in an organization, so not everything will be information that applies to everyone. However, After reading this book I am more excited to continue developing as a leader. I am now on the hunt for more books about leadership! Please let me know if you know any good ones, I think I'm going to start with more of Maxwell's books to start. I really recommend this book for anyone interested in leadership.


Monday, May 4, 2015

April 2015 Favorites

Hi everyone! So I know that I have not been consistent with monthly favorites, but I figured that since I have a few things to talk about this month I would go ahead and share.

Lilly for Target bathingsuit bottoms
So most of y’all probably know about the craziness that turned out to be #lillyfortarget but I actually got my hands on these bathing suit bottoms! So I just got up like I normally do and headed to Target, no early morning, no lines, no fuss. The unfortunate thing about that is that everything was pretty much gone. But I found these cute bottoms on the rack after doing a little more shopping. I am so excited to wear these this summer!

Seersucker Shorts
The weather has finally warmed up here in NC! I’m and so excited about this because that means I can start wearing Spring and Summer outfits! For me, it’s not summer without some seersucker. I got these shorts at Target last year and I fell in love with them once again when it got warm enough to wear them. Such an easy and cute staple to make countless outfits!

Monogram Tshirts
I bought these two shirts a few months ago off of an Etsy shop I found. Although I liked them at first, I really feel in love with them when I started pairing them with different shorts! They may seem like very simple and plain Tshirts. However, there are endless opportunities for cute (and oh so preppy) outfits. With the right accessories I believe that these can be dressed up a little for a great outfit! I have worn with to school multiple times with cute sandals and big earrings and have gotten compliments from people saying how cute they are!

Boo Boo Cover Up Concealer
So this stuff was a life saver for me this month! At the very beginning of the month I had a really nasty breakout (which is so rare for my dry skin!). This stuff easily covered it for a few days while it was healing and really looked great (well as good as a breakout can HaHa!) This concealer claims to have healing properties, but I don’t know if I noticed my breakout healing exceptionally fast or anything. It saved me again later in the month after I got sunburnt only near my hairline on my forehead and on my nose, so I used this stuff to cancel out the redness!

I have always loved grapes, ever since I was a little kid, but lately I’ve been making an even more conscious effort to eat healthier and grapes have been the best snack!

iPhone 5s
So I have had an iPhone 4 for about a while now, but I had gotten to the point where it was giving me major trouble and just didn't work for my need (Who knew the camera on the iPhone 4 was such terrible quality?!) With that said, I was due for an upgrade anyway, so I got myself an iPhone 5s. I know that this is not the most recent Apple technology. But it's definitely an improvement from what I did have and for than I'm SO grateful. I might have a "What's on my iPhone 5s" post coming up if y'all are interested to see how I use my phone!

UNCC Spring football game
Now This is an event favorite (something I haven’t yet included on my blog!) On April 18, I attended the Spring football game at Jerry Richardson Stadium, the home field on campus for the Charlotte 49ers. This was an exhibition game where the team played against each other as the Green and White teams. I had such an awesome time! It reminded me how much I love attending football games and cheering on my team while also made me so excited to begin college!


Friday, May 1, 2015

Featured Outfit of the Week: 5/1

Another week has came and went and it's Friday again! And another month is gone too! Happy May Day! With May here, so many things are just around the horizon; exams, graduation, summer are all quickly approaching. I welcome May with open arms. The adventures that await are so exciting I can hardly contain it! Hello May!

Here's this week's featured outfit of the week!

Sheer Black Tunic
Black Tank Top
Black Shorts
Pink Lauren Conrad Flip Flops

Pandora Bracelet
Pandora Bangle
Pearl Earrings