Monday, May 4, 2015

April 2015 Favorites

Hi everyone! So I know that I have not been consistent with monthly favorites, but I figured that since I have a few things to talk about this month I would go ahead and share.

Lilly for Target bathingsuit bottoms
So most of y’all probably know about the craziness that turned out to be #lillyfortarget but I actually got my hands on these bathing suit bottoms! So I just got up like I normally do and headed to Target, no early morning, no lines, no fuss. The unfortunate thing about that is that everything was pretty much gone. But I found these cute bottoms on the rack after doing a little more shopping. I am so excited to wear these this summer!

Seersucker Shorts
The weather has finally warmed up here in NC! I’m and so excited about this because that means I can start wearing Spring and Summer outfits! For me, it’s not summer without some seersucker. I got these shorts at Target last year and I fell in love with them once again when it got warm enough to wear them. Such an easy and cute staple to make countless outfits!

Monogram Tshirts
I bought these two shirts a few months ago off of an Etsy shop I found. Although I liked them at first, I really feel in love with them when I started pairing them with different shorts! They may seem like very simple and plain Tshirts. However, there are endless opportunities for cute (and oh so preppy) outfits. With the right accessories I believe that these can be dressed up a little for a great outfit! I have worn with to school multiple times with cute sandals and big earrings and have gotten compliments from people saying how cute they are!

Boo Boo Cover Up Concealer
So this stuff was a life saver for me this month! At the very beginning of the month I had a really nasty breakout (which is so rare for my dry skin!). This stuff easily covered it for a few days while it was healing and really looked great (well as good as a breakout can HaHa!) This concealer claims to have healing properties, but I don’t know if I noticed my breakout healing exceptionally fast or anything. It saved me again later in the month after I got sunburnt only near my hairline on my forehead and on my nose, so I used this stuff to cancel out the redness!

I have always loved grapes, ever since I was a little kid, but lately I’ve been making an even more conscious effort to eat healthier and grapes have been the best snack!

iPhone 5s
So I have had an iPhone 4 for about a while now, but I had gotten to the point where it was giving me major trouble and just didn't work for my need (Who knew the camera on the iPhone 4 was such terrible quality?!) With that said, I was due for an upgrade anyway, so I got myself an iPhone 5s. I know that this is not the most recent Apple technology. But it's definitely an improvement from what I did have and for than I'm SO grateful. I might have a "What's on my iPhone 5s" post coming up if y'all are interested to see how I use my phone!

UNCC Spring football game
Now This is an event favorite (something I haven’t yet included on my blog!) On April 18, I attended the Spring football game at Jerry Richardson Stadium, the home field on campus for the Charlotte 49ers. This was an exhibition game where the team played against each other as the Green and White teams. I had such an awesome time! It reminded me how much I love attending football games and cheering on my team while also made me so excited to begin college!


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