Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How I stay organized: My Agenda

Hey everyone! So today I thought I’d share another way in which I keep my crazy life organized. That’s using an agenda. It’s an easy way to write everything you have going on in one spot so that you can always know exactly what’s going on the next day. The particular one I use is the Lilly Pulitzer 17 month agenda in Jellies Be Jammin’. I like it because it’s pretty big so there’s plenty of room to write and plan! It has a week at a glance and a month at a glance.

I utilize the week at a glance to write down specific events I have on a day to day basis. For example, I write down all of the zumba classes I want to attend. In addition, all before after school events (such as club meetings) are written down.I also include events not school related such as volunteering or birthdays or friends and families. I highlight all events happening outside of school hours in yellow so they easily stand out when looking over the page. As far as assignments go, I write down all test and important due dates and highlight them in pink. This helps these stand out against everything else as well. Lastly, I write down all homework I must do that day.

I utilize the month at a glance to write down all important or out of the normal routine events. In the example I've got my AP exams written down, information regarding presidential elections at my high school (I’m on the committee that is in charge of running the election process), and the information I need to participate in Senior Week! This is really easy to quickly see what “big stuff” you have going on this month.

I hope this inspired y'all to get organized!


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