Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Bible Study Journal

Hi everyone! I wanted to quickly share my Bible Study Journal: What it looks like, how I use it, and some simple tips for getting started! Hope you enjoy.

First off, below is pictures of my Journal.

Second, I wanted to discuss how I use the journal! I follow along with the She Reads Truth reading plans (for a full explanation of what STR is- check out my post about it here!). With each new reading plan I print and paste the title picture (usually found on the STR website and social media pages) before I start anymore journaling (as seen in the above picture). It’s an easy way to separate reading plans as well as add some color to your journal. So as you saw in the picture I start the top of the page with the date in the left hand corner (my journal already had a spot for the date.) Then on the first line I write the title of the reading plan as well as the day number. In the picture above it says “The Risen Christ Day 8.” I also write down the title of that day's devotional. In the picture above it says "Peace be With You." After that I write down what text of the Bible was studied that day. In the picture above it says “John 20:19-23, Genesis 2:4-7, and Galatians 5:16-26.” After than I just write down anything for the passages of the SRT devotional I want to keep or remember. That's it! My journaling is very simple and no fuss, but it works perfectly for me.

Lastly, I wanted to include a couple tips for those wanting to start a journal.
  1. Pick a Bible Study plan that works for you- I said earlier in the post that I follow the She Reads Truth reading plans, however you can find a different one or start one for yourself!
  2. Find a journal YOU like- There are so many different journals out there to pick from. I suggest picking one you like, no matter what it is, it does not have to look like mine! This way you’ll be more inclined to use it!
  3. Put your own style into it!- Yours doesn;t have to look anything like mine! If you want to use cursive writing or colors- Go for it!
  4. Take quiet time out of each day to do it- I always put time aside so that I can be completely focused on my journaling. It helps to really read the message and relax as well.
  5. Have fun with it- Make sure you enjoy doing it and it’s not just a chore for you!
  6. Use it to grow- Whether it’s spiritual grow or personal growth. I have used it to become more at peace but also learn to follow God more! I hope you get something very beneficial out of journaling.


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  1. Love this! I have my own prayer journal but I need to get another journal just for my personal bible study. Love it Faith!

    Maria |