Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How I feel about: High School Graduation Part 1

Hi everyone! Today I really wanted to just sit down and talk about my personal feelings toward something that is a big deal in my life right now: Graduation. I decided that I wanted to share and document my thoughts pre-commencement in part 1 of this post. However, you will see an update (or part 2) from me about my post-commencement feelings!

Right now, I am so excited for what lies ahead. My life is vastly changing, and I cannot wait! A University I love, new friends, and the next step towards a wonderfully beautiful future await upon graduation! I cannot wait to be attending a prestigious University. I cannot wait to take classes that will get me closer to teaching in a special ed classroom. I cannot wait to soak up information. I cannot wait to meet knew people. I cannot wait to accept a new adventure.

While thinking about graduation the other day I realized that anything that I may miss from high school are things that can still remain in my life. I'll still be able to see and talk to my friends. I will be able to go back and visit teachers if I want to. The volunteer opportunities that I hold so close to my heart will be replaced with others just as rewarding. To go along with that, the things I'm not going to miss from high school will no longer be in my life. I can unfollow "mean girls" on social media. I can forget about any pestering rules of public high school. 

For me, graduation is brought with a bright smile and open arms. Keep a look out for part 2 of this post later in the month of June to see how I feel after I've walked across the stage!


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  1. Congratulations on a new start to your life. I hope you enjoy your time at university. I think it's great that you chose teaching as a career, I am a teacher myself.