Monday, June 1, 2015

My College Application Experience >Collab!

Hi everyone! Today I have paired up with two bloggers, Eliza and Emily, to talk about the college application process and our experiences with it, as well as provide readers with some tips! I hope it's helpful and informative!

My Experience
I probably started thinking and worrying about college a little (or a lot) earlier than most.

During my Sophomore year I was getting serious about what colleges I could possibly attend.

During Junior year I was putting a list together of schools I was interested in, then meeting with those admissions counselors at my high school or attending open houses.

By the time my Senior year came around, I had it narrowed down to two schools- My top choice, and a back up school (that I liked just as much) just in case something went wrong. For me, This was UNC Charlotte and UNC Wilmington respectively.

I applied during early application. Meaning I had to have everything sent into both by November 1st. Because of this, the end of Summer and the beginning of my Senior year was a little hectic. On top of getting back into the routine of a new school year, I was applying to college. However, it paid off when I received both acceptance letters before Christmas break!

The actual application for both schools was very simple and easy to navigate. I was able to get through most of them very quickly.

  1. Start Early- If you know you want to go to college, start researching schools and gathering information as early as possible. This keeps you on top of any deadlines that may pop up as well as keep you from getting too stressed out about the entire process.
  2. Know what you want- What do you want to major and minor in? Do you want a bigger school or a smaller school? Do you want a school in the city or the mountains? All of these things will help you pick the school you want. Being honest with yourself about what you want from the beginning will help make sure you pick the right place to spend the next four years of your life!
  3. Visit Schools- Going on a campus tour or attending an Open House will help you get a feel for the campus as well as the faculty and students of the school. By the end of the trip, I promise you'll know if you'd be able to spend four years there and remain happy.
  4. Use Social Media- Colleges love when you Tweet or Instgram about them! If you visit their school- post about you experience. If you submit your application with them- post about your excitement to receive an answer. This may not help you get accepted, but you never know when someone who could be of help to you later down the road will remember your social media postings.
  5. Be Excited- As scary as applying for college is- it's exciting too! It's the next big step in your life and you should be excited about it! This will help you stay focused and less stressed throughout the process. 
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