Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer Goals

Hi everyone! with summer approaching I wanted to share a few goals that I have come up with for myself to work on this summer. I think that this summer will be especially important for myself because I will be beginning a whole new chapter of my life in the fall when I start attending college. So, with this goals I really hope that I will be able to end this chapter of my life with a great note and begin the next chapter the same.

  1. Eat even more healthier than before.
This would mean cutting out soda and candy even more than I already have, making snacks consist of fruits or vegetables, and making better choices when eating out. I have gotten so much better with my eating, however, I know I still have so work to do.

  1. Exercise even more than before.
This means going to zumba, going to the pool, walking the dogs, and getting on the stationary bike or treadmill multiple times a week. I am good about making it to zumba classes, but I think that adding in the extra things would really help me so much more.

  1. Letting go.
This could mean being spontaneous, deciding to relax rather than search for an answer or a plan, or allowing myself to bypass things that I know would normally get to me. I have worked on this a little bit, but I also know I’m not where I’d like to be with this.
I hope you enjoyed my goals! I hope it inspired you to choose your own goals for this summer! Feel free to share your goals with me! Maybe we can keep each other accountable!


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