Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Empowerment

Hey everyone! Lately I've come across a few pictures that I find really empowering and I really wanted to share them with y'all! I want my blog to be a place that is very inspiring, uplifting, and empowering. I hope that is what this post does for those of you who read it! The pictures (along with their source) are down bellow. Enjoy!

This is a reminder to not let Monday's get you down. As it says it's "My Day." Take that empowerment to make your Monday's great and productive instead of draining and defeating. We all have the ability to make our Mondays great! I know there are times where productivity is the last thing on our minds when it comes to Monday's. But let's change that! Take charge of your awful Monday and turn into something beautiful. Just imagine what could be accomplished if we allow this to be our mindset about Mondays!
Make sure love to life you live. Wholeheartedly. No matter where you are or what your doing, be sure to love it. Everyone deserves to fall in love with being alive. My hope for you is that it happens each and every day. 

I want to encourage those who are in a situation they don't love to make a change in their life! Weather it be a negative relationship, an unsafe living environment, or just a job that just doesn't set our soul on fire. Make sure your obsessed with each and every part of your life. But if you find that you aren't- I pray you have the strength to make the change. 


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