Monday, July 6, 2015

Travel Journal: Wilmington, NC

Hey everyone! I spent a long weekend in Wilmington, NC to celebrate 4th of July. I got back home yesterday morning, so I've just sat down to get this post together for y'all to see. I took a ton of pictures at the beach AND the food I ate (of course!). I hope y'all enjoy this look into my beachin trip.

The afternoon we got there we decided to spend a little time at Carolina beach! Had to snap a pic with my sister!

The water at Carolina beach. Isn't it gorgeous!

My dinner that night was some mini crab cakes (& a side salad not pictured) at a restaurant called Michael's Seafood.

The next day we got up bright and early to head to Wrightsville beach! The next string of beach pictures will be from there.






How could we not grab a beach selfie!?



Can you tell I'm still celebrating my graduation? HAHA

Oh yes, still celebrating!



You can find the rest of my soul among the sand and waves.

Had to sport some Lilly at the beach, am I right?

Can you say CANDID?



The next night we went to Carolina Ale House. My mom and I shared these nachos and the salad bellow!
Beach selfie on the 4th!

The last night we went to Elijah's and I got fish and chips!

The Riverwalk at Cape Fear River

Spent some time on the Cape Fear River

Had to catch a panoramic view of the river before the sun went down.

Sorry it's so long! but I hope y'all enjoyed this look at my vacation!


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