Friday, August 14, 2015

"Why Do You Want to Be a Teacher?"

Hey everyone! For those of y'all how don't know, I'm a pre-special education major. So I often get asked (sometimes sarcastic- sometimes with refreshing wonder) why I'm pursuing a career in education. Today I wanted to sit down and answer, once and for all, the reoccurring question...

So here it is, why I want to be a teacher. 
I want to continue to learn through a child's view of the world.
I want to be refreshed by a child's view of the world.
I want to be a voice for children who aren't given a voice. 
I want to try to give every child a fighting chance.
I want to never lose my child-like love of life.
I want to shape future generations for the better.
I want to help children succeed. 
I want to help children know their worth. 
I want to share my compassion with children.
I want to be a champion for children. (to understand this watch this Ted Talk by Rita Pierson here)
I want to never live the same day twice.
I want to not only impact children's lives, I want to impact their families lives.
I want to be around other adults who share these same desires.
I want children out there to know someone loves them. 
I want to have the liberty to have a little fun at work. 

Honestly, I could probably go on and on with this post, but I think that I would start to basically repeat myself. So I'll end it here.

As I go through college and my journey towards becoming a Special Education teacher, I hope to share more things like this with y'all! I hope you enjoyed this look into my deepest passion!


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