Monday, August 10, 2015

How I organize: My Makeup/ Makeup Collection #bloggersBTS

Hey everyone! For this week's orginization post for the Bloggers Back To School linkup I have a post that's a little different. So when I'm in class, I usually always wear makeup. This isn't so much because I don't like how I look, but because I'm more successful when I feel good and makeup makes me feel good! So because of this I decided I'd share my makeup orginization/collection. You get to see how I store all my products as well as see some of the stuff I use! Hope y'all enjoy!

To start this black shelf is where I hold everything. It works well for me and fits well into the style of my room. 

On top, I keep all of my perfumes/ body sprays on this mirrored tray. I've got a million different kinds on there- high end, Bath and Body Works, sames, etc. 

These white draws hold the majority of my makeup. It might not be the prettiest way to store my makeup, but I find it works for me just the same!

This first drawer has a lot of my eye shadows in it. It's mostly single eye shadows or small palettes. You can see a lot of what I've got it there because it's so stacked up. This is definitely a full drawer!

Next I've got all of my mascarra's, eyeliners, and stuff like that. I get so much use out of this drawer and go through eyeliner and mascara like crazy!

This is what I call my foundation drawer. It's got foundation, tinted moisturizers, consealers, and bronzes in it. 

Now this drawer is a little crazy (I'll be honest). This has all of my blushes and highlighters in it! I know I have way too much of this stuff. But I've just always loved blush and recently I've gotten really into highlighters!

This is just a drawer that has all kind of random samples and stuff in it! Sometimes I pull out a new roduct to try!

These are all my brushed that sit next to the white drawers on the black shelf. I have all kinds of random brands and stuff. But my favorite brushes are for sure my ones from E.L.F! They are inexpensive and good quality! 

On the next shelf I've got a smaller set of white drawers for all my lip products. This  first drawer has just a lot of lip glosses and lip sticks. 

Here's some more lip glosses. I have a little bit of an obsession with lip products!

This last drawer is just all of my Chapsticks/ Lip balms. Some are tinted, some aren't. I'm a little obsessed with these too. 

Next to the smaller set of white drawers I keep all of my bigger makeup palettes. So here's just a picture of them all stack up like how they'd be on the shelf. 


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