Monday, August 17, 2015

Why I'm Choosing to Live at Home During College

Hey y'all! As college move in day quickly approaches (or has already happened for some)- you'll probably be seeing a lot of posts about roommates, dorm essentials, or even tips for move in day itself, so I really wanted to write about something a little different. I wanted to talk about my decision to live at home during college. I hope it helps y'all make your own decision about college living or that you just find it interesting!

I am attending the University of North Carolina Charlotte and after a lot of thought I decied to live at home rather than living in the dorms. Here's why I made the decision:

I live very close to the University
So it kind of goes without saying that you live close to the campus if living at home is an option for you. This is what happened to me. The college I fell in love with is literary 20 minutes from my house! How awesome! So why waste time with a dorm? I'd probably end up spending a lot of time at home anyway! Haha

My school lets freshman live off campus
This kind of goes without saying too! But I found that many colleges I was originally interested in require freshman to live in on campus. However, my school allows me to live off campus! So why not take advantage of it?

It saves money
Let's be real, room and board isn't cheap! I can't speak to all colleges, but at my school room and board is actually more expensive than tuition. Crazy!! So I figured that I would save a huge chuck of money by living at home. I am paying for most of my education myself, so spending where I can save isn't always a good idea for me! & who knows what I'll be able to do later down the road with all the money I'll save!

The Escape
Living at home gives me an escape if I ever just need a break. If I need to get away from stuff at home- I'll be able to go hang out on campus with friends, at the library, or do anything else that may be going on. If I need a break from school stuff- I've got my home and family to go to! This isn't to say that there will be constant problems at home or at school, but it's nice to know that you have the escape if you ever need it!

The support of my parents 
I've always had a very close relationship with my parents and they've always been my main support system in my life. I feel like I would miss out on a lot of their support in the dorms. Living at home keeps me close and gives me all the support I'll need. I don't plan on being dependant on them for everything- but it's nice to know you have a support system 100% anytime you need it! 

I'm very particular
Now I'll be honest here. I tend to like my things a certain way. I like to go to bed when I want, use a fan, keep shower stuff in a certain order- things like that. And you aren't really able to be so particular in a dorm. You have to comprise A LOT. Now this isn't to say I'm unwilling to compromise- because I am! It's just that it's hard to have your own space in a dorm- and space is something I value. And college is stressful (I know!) and taking away the added stress of continuous compromise is important for me.

**I do want to end this post by saying that I'm totally not bashing dorm living or saying that everyone should live at home during college. I think that different people like different things. I just happen to like the idea of living at home. I could totally see why other people would prefer to live on campus. I just really want to share the reason behind my own personal decision! Hope y'all enjoyed it!


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  1. To be honest it completely makes sense for some people to live at home! Personally I wouldn't change living in Dorms (I couldn't have anyway because I go university quite far away) but it was such a great experience! But then I know people that lived in halls and still went home every weekend because it wasn't for them. As long as you do whats right for you though thats what is important!