Friday, September 18, 2015



        Hey everyone! Today I really wanted to just talk about the importance of celebration- is that ok?

        Many of my readers know that I started college about a month ago, and if I'm being honest, as fun and wonderful it's been, it has been a little difficult at times. Trying to get all of your homework done on time can be overwhelming. Trying to make sure you're being healthy can be exhausting. Balancing "mental health" time and "fun time" can get stressful. Wanting to be involved but not wanting to be spread too thin is a constant struggle. Through all of this, I've realized the true importance of celebration.
        We must celebrate all the good things. No matter how busy you become, or stressful life is, take the time to celebrate. Because we're faced with the simple true that those good times won't always last. Things will get though sometimes. So celebrate the good times when they happen. Through this journey I'm also learning to celebrate the small things too. More than just the big and monumental deserve a celebration. Often times we expect the little things, or we believe we deserve them, or we just look them over all together. I'm finally saying that not only do all these wonderful things deserve to be celebrated, we owe it to ourselves to celebrate these things. I think if we forget to celebrate we'll miss out on the most important thing in life- growing and learning through our experiences.
        So celebrate a good day. Celebrate getting Panda Express for lunch. Celebrate the fact that you got yourself to bike 2 miles at the gym. Celebrate the fact you chose carrots instead of potatoe chips. Celebrate the wonderful friends and family in your life. Celebrate getting into college. Celebrate getting a good grade on your English test. Celebrate.



  1. My email tag line is this, Faith: Appreciating what you have a little of is easy. Appreciating what you have lots of takes a spiritual master. You are wise to understand that all the myriad "little things" are the miracles in our lives that are so easily missed.