Saturday, September 5, 2015

How I Feel About: My First Week of College

Hey y'all, just incase you didn't already know, I started college classes at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte the week of August 24th and I really wanted to just sit down and talk about my thoughts on my first week. I really hope y'all enjoy these college related posts, I really hope to do even more of them!

So I'll be honest with y'all. I have a really awesome schedule this semester! I had so many AP credits from high school I decided that I'd give myself a lighter load as far as credit hours were concerned. I'm taking Biology, the Biology Lab (which didn't meet the first week of classes- can I get a halleluiah?!), African Literature and Culture, Math of Elementary Teachers, and Foundations of Education and Diversity in Schools.

I didn't have any classes on that Monday because all new students were asked to attend the Day of Convocation. We meet with our respective colleges (mine is the College of Education) and walked to the official ceremony in the arena together. At the ceremony many people talked about how far the university has come from its modest days back in the 60s and welcomed us to UNCC. After that we had lunch-turkey and cheese sandwich, Sun Chips, an apple, and cookies-(it was SO good!). We then meet with the College of Education advisors to play some trivia about the school- who knew Bonnie Cone was actually buried on campus!? Lastly, we got to separate into our majors (mine is Special Education) to listen to professors, learn about the special things about our major, and even to talk about why we chose to major in Special Education! Overall, it was a pretty fun day and it really made me excited and proud to be beginning my college journey at UNCC.

The rest of the week went as normal- all classes were at their original times. So now that I have the start of my week out of the way- I wanted to talk about some things about the first week in general:

It wasn't as scary as I thought. I was really nervous leading up to the first week and even the night before each new day. But I quickly realized it's not near as scary as I thought it'd be. People are all over campus willing to help you out if you need it- but I also learned that I was perfectly capable of figuring things out as long as I stayed calm.

It was so fun! I am really a social person as well as a person that tends to thrive in a school environment, so being back into that was really fun. I've really enjoyed getting to know people in my classes and where things are and I am still super excited to continue to do so. There were so many opportunities to chat with people, get free stuff, and learn about college life at UNCC that I so enjoyed! Taking advantage of these things the first week is what really set myself up to have a positive attitude about the school year.

There's a learning curve. With all knew things, there's usually a learning curve, and college in no different. I'm having to learn how to handle each of my classes (one class will require me to get out of my comfort zone a little bit, while another class will require a lot of outside work for me to be successful). And as someone who is commuting to my school, I have to learn the best time to leave my house each day as well as how to be productive with my time on campus between classes (can you say library anyone?) Although this can be a little nerve-racking, I'm so proud of myself as I work through this.

It was a little exhausting. With the first week came a lot of things that took my energy away. I'm getting up earlier than I had this summer. I'm sitting in classes again (which was a little tiring if we're all being honest). I'm walking a lot more (my college campus is beautiful but HUGE). And there was new things I wanted to try out (like going to some volleyball games!). At first I was a little discouraged by this; I was too tired to attend Zumba classes- which I LOVE- but I just have to remember that it's all part of that learning curve I talked about earlier. It'll get easier and I'll get back to Zumba soon!

I'm so sorry that this post ended up being so long! Clearly I had a lot to say about starting college (HAHA!) But I really hope y'all enjoyed it and are having a good start to the school year as well! Share a good thing that happened during your first week of school in the comments bellow! I'd love to read them!


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