Monday, October 19, 2015


My fire is giving kids with special needs a chance to grow and fear will not extinguish it.
For most of my life, I've had the desire to teach kids with special needs. I knew these children were not merely just "special" but "wonderful" and "remarkable." I knew what these kids needed was someone who loved them enough to help them grow. I believed I was that person. I knew I couldn't touch every child's life, but I knew I could make a real difference in my own classroom one day. So I set my sights on achieving just that. This was my fire. I got into the college of my dreams as a pre-special education major. Each day I go to class gets me one step closer to owing my fire.
But I have met some opposition along the way- mostly in the form of fear. I feared that people wouldn't understand my fire. I feared that  I hadn't listened to God correctly and that this was not my fire after all. I feared that maybe I wasn't called to teach. I feared I didn't have the ability to make it happen. I feared I had it all wrong.
Today, I'm telling the world that my fire is stronger than my fear. I'm letting the world know that I am capable of giving kids with special needs a chance to grow. I'm showing the world what I'm made of. I'm owing my fire.
Now I want YOU  to own you're fire.
It's wonderful.
It's powerful.
It's important.
I want you to fill in the phrase:

My fire is _____ and _____ will not extinguish it.
Tweet it. Blog it. Facebook it. Instagram it. Post it to Tumblr. Tell your friends and family about it. Whatever it is you need to do to get it out and proclaim it to the world. You have a fire inside of you just dying to be seen. Show it. Own it.
This generation has the potential to change the world. Lets not let it go to waste. Own your fire.

(Thank you to Firework People and Ashley Beaudin for the beautiful graphics!)

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