Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How I Come Closer to Jesus

Hey everyone! As a college student it can be hard to know how to actively pursue God in ways that are practical to your busy life, so I just wanted to take the time to share some things I do come closer to Jesus. I hope you enjoy this!

Taking notes in the Worship Experience 
I find that if I take notes while listening to the sermon I'm more engaged and remember the parts that really spoke to me better. Having these notes is also good if you have time to look back and revisit throughout the week (not that get that luxury often...)
Listening to worship music/scripture in the car
My Pastor has a saying "my praise breaks chains" and I have found this to be so true. Utilizing the time I'm in my car to listen to worship music helps me surrender my fears and anxieties and refocuses my mind and my perspective. 
Being open to a Godly community (my eGroup) 
At my church we have small groups as a way to have a community and grow in our relationship with God. I began going to one in September and I've found that I really enjoy being open to share and open to receive in this group. 
Following She Reads Truth reading plan
If I'm being honest, this is something that I'm always able to keep on top of, but when I am participating in this is find it helps so much. 

Praying for God to work on my perspective
My Pastor has preached a surmon on a blessed perspective that really struck a cord with me. Since then I've prayed a lot about asking God to work on my perspective and He really has! I've found that now when I have a bad day, I'm am to stop and say "this is just God reminding me that I need Him, that I can't  forget Him"
So I'd love to here from you. What you do for your relationship with Him? 

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