Monday, December 14, 2015

10 Ways I Practice "Self Love."


Hey everyone! Today I really wanted to talk about 10 ways I practice "Self Love." To me this basically means just taking care of myself and loving myself when I'm feeling down or not well. Everyone's version of self love cane be different, these are just some of my favorite ways to practice! Hope you enjoy seeing these!

1. Getting Starbucks
2. Coloring
3. Reading a book
4. Binge watching a TV show
5. Eating a "good" snack
6. Working out
7. Journaling
8. Taking a nap
9. Listening to music
10. Dancing

I'd love to hear what y'all like to do to take care of yourself! Let me know if you like any of the ideas I've mentioned or have something different you'd like to share!



  1. I love this list because all of these apply to my own venues of self love! Great post :)

  2. Love the binge watching a TV show! I do that so often it is crazy but I do it while doing other things like laundry, dishes, cooking. Haha!