Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Birthday Brunch- Fahrenheit Charlotte

Hey everyone! To celebrate my 19th birthday -which is today by the way- my family and I went to brunch at a great restaurant in Charlotte called Fahrenheit. It was so delicious and fun. I wanted to share the experience with y'all! So here are just a few pictures I took while we were there! I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed brunch on Sunday!

I got banana bread waffles to eat. They were so delicious!

My meal also came with breakfast potatoes and bacon. I didn't even eat it all there was so much food! It was all wonderful though!


The restaurant is actually on the 21st floor of a hotel in the heart of Charlotte. So because of this it has a great view of the skyline!

Hailey and I had to snap a picture together before we ate!

I seriously had so much fun at brunch on Sunday. Fahrenheit is such a pretty restaurant and the food is so good. I really want to try it for dinner now! If it's as good as bruch I know would just love it!

I hope y'all enjoyed this little look at my birthday brunch. I enjoyed it so much and so realize how bless I am to be able to celebrate my birthday the way I did.


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  1. This birthday brunch looks delicious. Thanks a lot for these photos. I love brunch parties. We usually have family brunch parties every year and book one of favorite food venues in Atlanta. Really love these get-togethers!