Friday, January 29, 2016

Blogger Interview: Rebecca W.

Rebecca is a fashion and lifestyle blogger over at Sunny Rebecca who includes all her loves into her blog and has a passion for polka dots. Read below to learn more about this blogger!
Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I loved reading blogs. I noticed that a lot of bloggers were able to create these incredible lives and I wanted to do the same. I love creating things and have always had an interest in design and web design, which is why blogging was perfect for me, since it combined design with creation and I was also able to combine it with some of my favorite things, fashion and food. Creating a blog allowed me to do create something that is truly unique and represents me. 

Do you have a staple clothing item? If so, what is it?

I think that my staple clothing item is probably a statement necklace. I love statement necklaces because it's a great way to dress up an otherwise simple outfit. One necklace can transform an outfit from plain to classy. My favorite one is the layered circle necklace from J. Crew factory, it's so classy and goes with anything. 

What's your favorite TV show to binge watch?

I'm obsessed with so many shows, but I think that the ones that I like the most are Gossip Girl and Revenge. While they are pretty different shows overall, but I'm in love with them both! They both contain a ton of drama, but revenge has suspense that Gossip Girl just doesn't have. I think that Gossip Girl brings out the inner girly girl in me, not that I'm not already pretty girly. On the other hand, Revenge brings intensity to the table.

Do you have a favorite (or most recent) post you've written on your blog? If so, link it!

I don't know if I have a favorite post, but some specific ones that I'm proud of are "What It's Actually Like Being a Blogger," "Balancing School and Blogging," and "What I'm Going to Do in 2016." I think that my favorite ones might just be the personal ones. While I think that it's super fun to take cute outfit pictures and such, I sometimes like to just sit down and let my thoughts flow out and I think that those might be my favorite, since they're personal and real.

What's your favorite quote?

There are so many quotes that I love, but recently the one that I have been loving is "She decided to start living the life that she'd imagined." I feel like this is a perfect way to describe me and how I want my life to go. Instead of sitting around and waiting for my dreams to come true, I need to take action so that I can live my dream life. I don't want to let my dreams stay dreams, I want them to become reality, which is what I'm doing through my blog. Whenever I'm working on my blog, I remind myself that I want to start living the life that I had imagined and it starts here. 

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  1. Thanks for featuring me on your blog! I loved answering these questions!
    Rebecca x

    1. You're so welcome! Feel free to tell other blogger friends that they can be featured too!

  2. I love that quote! This feature is such a great addition to your blog, Faith :) I love getting to know more bloggers!

    1. I'm so glad you're enjoying the Blogger Interviews as much as I am!