Monday, January 25, 2016

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Hey everyone! Today I just wanted to share with y'all some things that have been part of my life and things I've been doing in a "Currently" post! Oh, and please forgive me for having multiple items in one category- I just have a lot I want to share with y'all! I really hope y'all enjoy this post!

Watching: The Bachelor
I'll be honest, this had been my guilty pleasure lately. But come on, what's not to love?! I just love Ben Higgins (but please tell me what his obsession with planes and hot tubs is!) And of course I have my favorite and not so favorite girls. Right now Caila, Lauren B, and Amanda are some of my favorites right now! Are you watching The Bachelor? What girls are your favorites? (Seriously, if you want to talk about it tweet me or shoot me an email!)

Law & Order: SVU
I discovered that this show was on Hulu a while back and have been slowly going through it ever since. I'm now on season 12 and I swear I've been watching the heck out of it lately! It's such a good show but also brings to light some very important issues going on in the world today. Not to mention I'm totally obsessed with Olivia and Elliot! What do y'all think of SVU?

Reading: Crash The Chatter Box by Steven Furtick
Now I admit that I have not been reading novels as much since the spring semester began. But I am slowly working through this book. So far I really enjoy it. It's all about hearing God's voice above any other. That's something I need some help with at times and this book is a great reminder / refocus! Let me know if y'all would like to see a book review on this when I'm finished!

Seashells + Sparkles
Recently Rachel relaunched her blog with a new theme and I just love it + her content! The new theme is really clean and chic, her blog posts are always interesting. I also follow + interact with her on Twitter-She's so fun and relatable.  Check it out for yourself here!

Eating/Drinking: Starbucks Hot Chocolate
So with school being back in session I'm back to drinking a lot of Starbucks! It's a good pick me up between classes or fun gathering with a friend. Either way I'm loving it! I'm also super close to getting my gold card-ah! I'll hopefully have it by the end of the semester!

Wearing: Monogramed Ear Warmer
So a few years back I bought a monogram ear warmer and hadn't really used it that much. It honestly doesn't usually get cold enough here to need it. But lately it's been freezing and I've gotten some use out of it walking across campus!

Carly earrings by Kendra Scott
My aunt and uncle got me these earrings for Christmas and I just love them! They are just studs and smaller than most of Kendra Scott's jewelry. This makes them great for simple outfits I typically wear to class. 

Listening to: Detective Podcast
I've recently finished listening to the 1st season of the Detective podcast. It's all about one guys experience being a detective in Colorado Springs, CO. I find what he has to say so interesting and have a little bias towards this podcast because I am originally from Denver, CO myself. If your into crime TV and such- this is a must listen!

Currently Loving Playlist
I actually put together some songs I've been loving lately into a Spotify playlist! I posted it in a recent blog post linked here. Check it out and let me know what you think of those songs!

Undisclosed Podcast
So if you all know anything about the first season of the podcast of Serial, you know about Adnan Syed. He's been convicted of the murder of his ex girlfriend Hae. Well this podcast takes it beyond Serial and takes an even closer look into the murder. This has been so interested and has even kind of changed my opinion on the matter. If you listened to Serial and found it interesting, this is a must listen! 

Inspired by:  Brooke Safferman of The Pink Lyme
Well Brooke did ultimately inspire me to right this post. She does her own Currently posts every so often and after reading one of them a little while I really wanted to do my own Currently post! Now I've finally been able to sit down and write it! So I thought Brooke + her blog deserved a little shoutout on this post!

Cathleen of Classy Cathleen
Recently Cathleen posted an Oldies but Goodies playlist (linked here) full of all kinds of songs we loved + still love! That inspired me to put together a playlist of songs I've been loving recently called Currently Loving (I talked about it and linked it above!) She also told me about the two podcasts mentioned above in her Favorite Podcasts post (linked here) So I thought Cathleen + her blog deserved a little shoutout on this post as well!

I'd love to hear what y'all thought about this post! Would y'all like to see more of these? Let me know in the comments!


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