Monday, January 11, 2016

"The Interesting Project" Workbook Review


Hey everyone! Today I wanted to talk about something I'm still really excited about! Last month I was given the opportunity to work through "The Interesting Project" workbook by Taylor DuVall (click on her name to be linked to her website) before it released on January 1st. I really wanted to sit down and give y'all some information on it!

The goal of the workbook is to live an interesting life you love. That in itself is one of the great things about it. Who wouldn't want to live a life they love and a life you find interesting?!

It's split up into 11 different steps which make you really think about yourself and your life. Each include a worksheet to make this happen. I particularly enjoyed the steps titled "Interests" "Travel" and "Self-Belief". Some of them allow you to dream while others allow you to think about real life application. Both are so great during the process! Each step has a little motivational/ inspirational quote that goes along with the topic of the step. This is something that wasn't really necessary to the overall workbook- but something I so enjoyed and loved having throughout!

Throughout this process...
I learned things about myself (I have interest themes of teaching/learning and people).
I learned that I had already been desiring and working towards an interesting life.
I learned practical ways to make my life more interesting (for example attending a tennis match for the first time as a "new experience."

I think this workbook is great for anyone looking for more out of life! And it's available for purchase right now! Get "The Interesting Project" Workbook here!


*Disclaimer: I did receive "The Interesting Project" Workbook free of charge, however, I do ensure that all opinions in this post are my own.

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