Saturday, February 20, 2016

4 Reasons We Should Bring Back The Snail Mail Trend

Hey everyone! Since I've started blogging I've meet a few girls that have sent me snail mail- and I've sent them snail mail. I've had so much fun with it and hope to continue to write them and find even more people to write! But, honestly, most people don't send cards or letters anymore (with the exception of Christmas cards). So today I wanted to give you 4 reasons why we should bring back the snail mail trend!

It connects you to people in a different way.
Of course social media is a much faster connection- but there's something about connecting with someone through something tangible like a card or letter that makes the connection so much more fun. Everyone can message you on social media- but only some people will take the time to connect with you through snail mail. 
Everyone loves getting mail.
Come on, let's admit it. We all love getting mail and we all love checking the mail. Sending and receiving some snail mail is a simple and fun way to fill up your mail box! I know I'd much rather receive a hand written note than bills and credit card applications, wouldn't you?!
Stationary is so cute and fun.
Every time I go into a craft store I look at the stationary and go on and on about how cute it is. Well, if your sending your friends snail mail you have the perfect excuse to actually buy the stationary this time!
Handwriting things are so much more personal. 
You now someone really took the time to think about you and what they want to say to you if they take the time to hand write a card or letter! That personalization makes the receiver so much more special!

Do y'all send snail mail? Do you love it?  Do you want to try it? Let me know in the comments!



  1. I'd love to be snail mail buddies - you can send me an email at

    xo, Syd

  2. I love doing snail mail! I'm such a sucker for the stationary in the dollar spot at Target, and really just stationary in general! Also, I'm looking for some new snail mail friends - email me at if you're interested!

    Have a great day!

  3. Snail mail is my absolute favorite. Receiving a letter in the mail is 100x more sentimental then someone emailing or texting it to me!
    Miss Olivia Says

  4. I've never sent or received snail mail, but I've heard bloggers talk about it and have been wanting to try it ever since! And you're right, handwriting is so much more personal!