Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Being a Girly Girl

The Hey everyone! So this may not come as a surprise (considering the name of my blog) but I'm a total girly girl and really always have been. So I thought it'd be fun to talk about what I believe it means to be a girly girl! So here is goes- Being a girly girl means...

The color pink is always #1.
It's safe to say I have an obsession with pink- but I admit it and am totally ok with it!

There's no such think as too much glitter. 
Come one, the more the glitter the better right?!

Starbucks with your gal pals is always a good idea. 
There's  just something about having a Starbucks cup in hand with one of your friends that is just the epitome of fun.

Just because my knowledge of sports is minimal, doesn't mean I can't join in the fun.
Yes, I do love going to football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and very hockey games- even if I'm not 100% sure what's going on.

There's just something about a French manicure that makes a girl feel like a million dollars.
Any time I get my nails done I opt for the French manicure- it's just too resistible to pass up!

Zumba is the best way to workout. 
Dancing over lifting weights every single time

Leggings are pants. 
Point blank. No questions asked.

I'll always say yes to chocolate.
If there's chocolate in it, you can be sure I'm willing to try it.

So are you a girly girl? Let me know in the comments!



  1. such a cool post girl! :)
    yes to chocolate :D

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