Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Favorite YouTubers

Hey everyone! Today I really wanted to share a few of my favorite YouTubers and YouTube Channels with y'all today. Check out their channels and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

I just love Estée! Her videos are always amazing and she just seems like such a genuine and funny person! She's actually currently working on writing a book called Bloom that I'm so excited to read!

Andréa is another YouTuber I just love! Not just the typical beauty videos, she includes affordable brands like E.L.F, and goes fitness/health related videos from time to time. 

Bianca is another beauty/fashion YouTuber I enjoy watching. She always has really awesome hauls and I just love that she shares so much of her life in her vlogs and such! I actually graduated high school with her and was in student council with her- she is such a sweet person as well!

Rachel's videos are always so informative and fun! She is super honest about her thoughts on products and always has interesting content (like her Pintrest Hacks videos!) She seems like such a planner and organizer which I love & the pictures I've seen of her two kids are adorable!

Meghan is the perfect combination of comedy and beauty. She's always cracking jokes in her hauls and favorites! But her more comedic videos (like her one about old Tinder messages) are just hilarious. I think she really stays true to herself in videos!

Tiffany's makeup videos are always so cool because she takes products and really shows how she uses them in her life. Sometimes it seems like people buy these higher end products and just throw them in a drawer, she really puts them to use! Plus all her stuff about her daughter is so cute!

Now this channel is much different than the others I talked about. These two brothers Niki and Sammy have the funniest videos! Any time I need a good laugh their videos don't disappoint! Thier from London and twin brothers-and that's perfect if you ask me!


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