Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Successful College Student Workbook

Hey everyone! So I need to share something with y'all- this semester has been super crazy for me. I didn't realize how much being a college student really takes out of you. Sometimes I need some strategies or help to make my college experience a success.  

I am all about sharing things I enjoy and that I can learn something from with y'all. And this is no different! Today I wanted to tell y'all all about something that's great for all college students -or soon to be college students! Tori of Chase The Write Dream has come up with a workbook called The Successful College Student workbook. 

I have just begun working through this workbook- but I can already tell it's full of greatness! 

The workbook allows you to work through a few of the different aspects of college life that give us the most trouble. Topics range from your morning routine to your study schedule to getting better grades. There's tips, how to's, and thought provoking questions all throughout the workbook. 

I have found the morning routine section to be really great for me. I usually enjoy mornings, but they can be a bit scattered for me. I even forget stuff at home from time to time. So this workbook will help me come up with a specific morning routine to follow. It's something I've really been able to stick to as well. Starting off your morning is so important!

College is hard- we all know that. This workbook is here to help make it a little bit easier. You'll learn so much about your self as a student and learn so much about how to make your college experience a success.


To learn even more about this wonderful workbook and find the answers to some FAQ's- check out what Tori herself said about it here- 
To purchase the workbook- follow the link here- It's a PDF that you'll be able to download right after purchase!

Let me know if you decided to get The Successful College Student workbook! I hope you all get as much out of the workbook as I  am!


Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for The Successful College Student workbook and will receive a small percentage of all purchases made through the purchase link above. However, I ensure that all opinions that are expressed in this post are 100% my own.

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