Sunday, April 24, 2016

Top 10 College Library Essentials

Hey everyone! So for most college kids, you're either right in the middle of preparing for finials or getting ready to start because the school year is almost over and finials are now upon us. Because of the crazy time in the school year, I wanted to share my 10 essentials for the college library! I'm someone who really loves the library because I can get so much done- but I can't do it without these essentials. Check them out and see what you think!

If you have a textbook for the course you want to study (which you probably do) it's good to have the text right there and handy in case you want to read over a certain section to look to it for clarification.

Any notes you've taken in class is super important because if the professor talked about it during class- there's a high possibility that information will be on the test!

Using your laptop can be great to study. I'll often use mine to look over any typed notes I have or to make myself a study guide. But you can also make online flashcards, or take practice tests through Quizlet!

I'm a very visual person, so I'll often re-write important information from my notes. Pens, epically if you have a range of colors, are great for this!

I also keep highlighters with me because sometimes there will be information in my notes  I'll highlight instead of re-write in order to help me remember.

Sticky Notes
Sticky notes are good for keeping To Do lists to keep track of what stuff you want to study or to use to remind you of other information latter that you think of while your in the library.

Agenda/ Calendar
I think it's super important have your agenda with you so you know what tests you have coming up and which test is the nearest. You wouldn't want to study for a test you have in 2 weeks when you have one for another class in 3 days right?!

Water Bottle
Drinking water is so important, and I usually don't drink enough, so keeping a water bottle with me in the library is super important. It also acts as a nice study break too!

I'll often listen to music or a podcast while I'm studying so I can't hear anything else that's going on around me. I know this doesn't work for everyone but if your someone that enjoys that- headphones are a must!

Comfortable clothes
This one is pretty simple. No one wants to be uncomfortable when your studying- so comfy clothes will help you stay in the library longer. I usually go for a T-shirt, leggings, and tennis shoes.

I hope this list of college library essentials have helped someone out as they prepare for finials! Let me know if you have anything else you can't head to the library on campus without!


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