Monday, May 16, 2016

3 Disney Channel Shows We All Miss

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to bring everyone a little blast from the past- and most likely a little nostalgia too! I thought it would be really fun to remember 3 Disney Channel shows that we all miss from our childhood, because if we're being honest, they just don't make Disney shows like they used to. Hope you enjoy this look back!

That's So Raven
As weird as the show may seem to us now that we're older, all of us loved the girl who had visions and helped the best she could. If we're all being honest, we've all probably thought about setting one of the late night reruns to record on DVR- even if we've never actually done it.

Lizzie Maguire
Another show all about a girl in high school that we all just loved. She was funny, awkward, and had great friends. What's not to like? We all grew up loving Hilary Duff- to be honest.

But lets not forget about the Lizzie Maguire Movie! That was awesome.

Kim Possible
We all loved this show too and we all knew every word of the theme song- Call Me, Beep Me, if you wanna reach me. Kim was the perfect mix between normal cheer leader and top notch BA.

So let me know if you enjoyed these TV shows as much as I did! What other Disney Channel shows did you love as a kid?!



  1. ugh kim possible was literally my favorite show!! I always loved the little naked molerat, haha. x, kenz

    1. Oh yeah! He was the best! Glad you feel the same about KP!

  2. Lizzie McGuire was my favorite! I used to pretend that me and my two friends were Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda haha. Pretty sure she taught me everything I needed to know about middle school haha.


    1. I'm glad you feel that same way about LM! haha!

  3. Freeform (aka ABC Family) was playing these classics at night recently. My sis and I DVR-ed them so I've been reliving my childhood and watching them!
    Miss Olivia Says

    1. That's awesome! I didn't know they were playing these!

  4. Nice post! I miss all these shows so much especially That's So Raven as I haven't seen that since it stopped airing on Disney Channel.