Friday, May 6, 2016

Freshman Year Reflection

Hey everyone! So I'm officially done with my freshman year of college! With such a crazy, fun, interesting year finished, I really wanted to take some time talking to y'all about my experience. Maybe it'll give you some insight. Maybe it'll answer some questions. Either way it'll give you a pretty good look into how this year has gone for me. I also apologize if this post is a little too long; I have a lot to say and wanted to share it all with you!

I want to start with saying that this has been one of the craziest years of my entire life. I was the girl in high school who claimed to be so busy and constantly running around to get stuff done; boy was I wrong! What my schedule looked like in high school is nothing compared to what I have experienced both semesters this school year. It is manageable and I'm very proud of what I've accomplished, but I have had to cut down the amount of activities I participate in outside of class. In high school, I was in many clubs, student council, volunteered a lot, and even went to Zumba classes. In college, I have had to narrow it down to just a few on campus organizations and Zumba classes. As much as I would like to do everything that sounds interesting me to, I've had to come to terms with the fact that I can't do it all and that I just have to say no sometimes. This year I've really learned to focus on what is important to me.

This has been one of the most fun years of my entire life. So many amazing this have happened this year that have become such an important part of my life. I have met wonderful friends that I only hope to continue to grow with. I have worked (and am still working) to start a chapter of such an amazing organization.  I have gotten the chance to attend so many sporting events and Walk Now for Autism Speaks. I met and started babysitting an amazing little boy with Down Syndrome that literally brings me so much joy and laughs. I've spent way more money on Starbucks than I'd ever like to admit, loving every bite and sip. I've attended workshops and learned some valuable information. I've spent more time in schools an working with students than I ever would've imagined. And I've loved every minute of it.

This has been one of the most humbling years of my entire life. Some things have happened this year that I never really thought would happen. Early in the school year I realized I wasn't as organized as I thought. I never thought I was someone who needed to work on time management, but it turned out that I was. I changed my mind and decided not to pursue the minor I had planned around at the beginning of the school year. I thought I was someone who made the right choice the first time and stuck to it, but that isn't what happened in this case. I stepped away from something I had been a part of for almost 4 years. I couldn't see myself as someone who would ever walk away, but it was something I had to do to keep being happy and successful. All of this was a little hard to deal with at first, I'll be completely honest. But I realized these things had to happen and that they have helped me grow up in ways I didn't think possible. At the end of the day, these experiences are so necessary. I've finished out this year completely humbled and a little more grown up because of these experiences.

In general, this was been a great year, I am so proud of myself and what I've been able to accomplish and learn this school year. If you would've told me at high school graduation that I would come this far it one school year- I'm not so sure I would've believed you. I'm so proud of the direction I'm headed in- even if it's changed a few times a long the way. I'm so proud of the people in my life. I'm so proud of my ever growing faith in God. I'm so proud to look back on this school year.

Lastly, I'm so thankful that I have my friends and family to do life with. I have no doubt that the fun times wouldn't have been as fun and the hard times would've been even harder without them. I'm also so thankful that Faith's Girly Life has readers that I can share a little bit of my experiences with. This blog has really allowed me to speak my mind, have some fun, and share my life in ways I would've have imagined without it. I know that without either of these things- college just wouldn't be the same. I'm so ready to see what the years to come will bring for me!


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