Monday, May 23, 2016

My Advice For New Bloggers

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to talk a little more about blogging! I'm going to share with you my advice for new bloggers. So if you've just started blogging or thinking about starting one- you're in the right place!

I do want to offer a bit of a disclaimer- I'm not in anyway saying I'm the best blogger or that you have to follow my advice- I'm just sharing what I think is important to know. If you don't feel the same that's totally fine. I understand different bloggers have different processes and ideas. 

Be honest + true to yourself
The best way to get people to read your blog that truly like you and your content is to be yourself. People enjoy reading about your life and getting to know who you are! From the start of my blog I knew I wanted to be 100% me, and it's totally paid off! I feel so good about my blog and it's content- and that is SO important.

Don't be afraid to connect with other bloggers
I have made some super sweet friends online through blogging! I chat with them on social media, I participate in Twitter Chats with them, and I even exchange snail mail with some! It's really made blogging that much more rewarding. In addition, I've learned so much from other bloggers! I've learned how to take better pictures, I've learned how to schedule tweets, and more!

Utilize Hootsuite
Hootsuite allows you to schedule social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and LinkedIn. This allows you to easily set up a bunch of posts promoting a new blog post to be posted over the course of the day or even a few days. This saves a lot of time and I so highly recommend it to promote any content you create!

Don't be afraid to go against "Blogging Rules" 
Honestly, I don't follow a lot of the "blogging rules you see circling the Internet, and you don't have to follow them either if you don't want to. Your blog is your space to do exactly as you please! Your blog is your space to make exactly what you want it to be! So it's ok to break the rules. 



  1. Any suggestions for Twitter chats you like for new bloggers? Thanks :)

    1. #GalPalChat is on Saturdays at 11am and it's a great group of girls who really help each other out!