Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Favorite Statement Earrings

Hey everyone! Today I really wanted to share with y'all a few pairs of statement earrings that are by far my favorite to wear whenever I get the chance. Funny enough, they are all from Kendra Scott, but I promise this is not a sponsored post- I've gotten all of them as gifts from my wonderful family. I'll also link back to the website where you can purchase these if you'd like!

These are pretty classic Kendra Scott earrings and I just adore them! I love the white ones especially because they aren't overtly in your face but still add a great statement to your outfit!

I just love how bright these are! And pink is my favorite color so the magenta color makes these just truly perfect to add color to an outfit! I think these are a true life statement pair of earrings!

Carly Earrings 
I know these are pretty simple and aren't big dangle earrings or anything like that- but I still think they are so cute and can still be a statement with the right outfit. These are not linked because they are no longer sold on the Kendra Scott website- I'm so sorry!

I hope you enjoyed looking at my favorite statement earrings! Do you have any earrings that you just adore? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. All three of these are adorable! Kendra Scott has the best jewelry.

    Rachel /