Saturday, May 21, 2016

You Are Not The Grades You Get

Hey everyone- so today I just wanted to sit down and talk about something that I feel like is really important for college- and high school- students: Grades. With college just finished and high school nearing the end- I wanted to remind you that you are not the grades you get. 

I think it's important to always remember that you aren't defined by your grades and that- at the end of the day- your grades only matter a little bit. This idea was something I struggled a lot with in high school. I thought that if I wasn't getting an A+ on everything, it wasn't good enough. The first B I ever got in high school hit hard because I didn't think a B was good enough.

Now that I'm in college I do a lot better with this, but I don't think I'm alone in this idea either. I think college or high school students often place their worth in their grades. And I think it's super important to see why we shouldn't.

Now, please don't get me wrong, grades are important and you should always try your very best. School should be important to you and you should take your grades seriously. But you have to remember that your best is good enough. You have to realize that if you connect your worth to the letters or numbers written on your report card you'll only sell yourself short- even if you see straight As going down the line. Because a letter or a number will never truly express that beautiful person who you are. It leaves out the battles you've fought, the good times you've had, the people you've met, and so much more.

And if we're being truly honest here- do you really want to be remembered based only on the grades you got? Wouldn't you rather be remembered as a good friend? an honest person? a sweet person? a funny person? Your grades alone leave all of that out- and those things are what's going to matter.

So next time you (or someone else for that matter) shrinks you're worth down to the numbers or letters on your report card, remember that you are so much more than A, B, C, D and that you are so much more beautiful than any number.


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