Friday, July 15, 2016

Blogger Interview: Rebekah

Rebekah is the blogger behind Life And Times of A College Student. Read below to learn more about this blogger!

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging about a year ago. It was right after I graduated high school and I felt like I had a voice to share that social media just couldn't cover it so I took to blogging.

Do you have a staple clothing item? If so, what is it?
I have a grey t-shirt dress that I am absolutely obsessed with. I love it because I can dress it up or dress it down. I'll dress it down with a ballet and some converses or I'll grab some booties and a long necklace and dress it up for date night. It's my favorite!

What's your favorite TV Show to binge watch?
I just started Orange is The New Black and I am hooked! But, I watched Friday Night Lights earlier this year and that show is one of my favorites to binge watch! It's the best of everything: drama and love.

Do you have a favorite, or very recent post you've written on your blog? If so, link it!
I would probably say my favorite post would be one of my newer posts. It's called new dreams . I felt like I have changed so much in the past year and this post just reflects all the changes I've made and the person I have become. 

What's your favorite quote?
It's not so much of a quote, but it's one of my favorite verses and I actually just kinda realized how amazing it is. It's John 1:16 "Out of His fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given". It gives me so much hope that no matter what happens or what I do God gives me grace upon grace.

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I hope you enjoyed learning more about Rebekah and be sure to check out her blog and social media!

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