Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Monthly Intentions Collaboration- July

Hey everyone! Today I've got a fun post for y'all! I've joined a bunch of other bloggers in the Monthly Intentions Collaboration to share monthly goals with our readers. I'm really excited to be apart of this and to share my goals with all of you. I hope this is something y'all enjoy this post!

I'm actually going to start out with a High and a Low from the month of June. When I have more months of sharing my goals and participating in the Monthly Intentions Collaboration I will also share how successful (or unsuccessful) I was in accomplishing my goals the pervious month.

High for June
My High for June was definitely the fact that I was a nanny for two great families with some really amazing kids. I really loved being around them and having fun with them. I was also able to make money which and keep busy- which is awesome! I even get to continue to work with these families throughout the summer which I'm super excited.

Low for June
My Low for June was definitely 5 o'clock rush hour traffic. I didn't get off work (the nanny jobs discussed above) until traffic was well under way. It took me a while to get home and it was pretty frustrating. However, I always remember that's it could've been way worse.

July Goals
This month I have two blogging or social media related goals and two goals that are just everyday life stuff that isn't related to Faith's Girly Life or any of my social media.

1. Get better at replying to comments on blog posts-
I'll be honest- I'm not the best at replying to comments on my blog posts. I always read every comment and always been to go back later to reply but then life gets in the way and I forget. But this month I want to make it a point to reply to as many comments as I can. So if you comment on my blog this month- you'll get a thoughtful  reply!

2. Comment on more Instagram photos-
This isn't something I do very often either. I'm always liking tons of photos but I think comments go so much further. So this month I'm going to take some time to comment on Instagram phots!

3. Read 3 books-
I really enjoy reading and I've been reading a good bit since I've been out of school for summer break. With that said, I just want to give myself this goal so that I'm not getting lazy when it comes to reading. Hopefully it shouldn't be too difficult to accomplish!

4. Repaint my nails twice-
This one my sound a little weird. But I can get pretty lazy when it comes to painting my nails and letting them fall by the wayside. So this month I want to set a goal to repaint them twice. This way they won't be too neglected as the normally can be!

I really hope you enjoyed hearing a little bit about the month of June and also my goals for July! Let me know in the comments below what your goals for July are! By the way- below is a link to all the wonderful bloggers participating in the Monthly Intentions Collaboration so be sure to check out their blogs this week to see their goals for July!


  1. I definitely want to read some more books this month! Great goals girl, I hope your July is amazing :)


    1. I'm glad you enjoyed learning about my goals! Hope your month has started out awesome!

  2. oh replying to comments can be so hard!! It'a actually when I manually approved every comment, because it doesn't get approved until I have time to respond to it. It's what works for me. I love your high for the month. That's so awesome you are working with great families!! It sucks the drive isn't great! Good luck on your goals for the rest of the month! What books were you thinking of reading??

    1. Thank you for the tip with the comments! I do love the families I work for- and the drive is just frustrating- ya know? I've started a CSI book to read, and I also might pick up Nicholas Sparks or James Patterson this month to read!

  3. Those are great goals, Faith! I agree that replying to comments is hard -- it's something that I struggle with too!

    Much love,

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading about my goals!

  4. Being a nanny for two families sounds fun and hetic at the same time. I love being around children. It's nice to see their joy and imgination come alive. Makes me wish I was a kid again. I'm bad with not replying to comments as well. As you said it's easy to forget to reply when you have so many things going on. I love your goals. So many things I need to work on as well. I wish you luck this month on your goals Faith.

    1. Thank you so much! I definitely need the luck! haha

  5. Fantastic goals! It's great that you found not one, but two families that are fantastic. Glad that you enjoy them - that's the most important part of working in child care - enjoying and building a strong relationship with the families.

    Some days I'm so good at commenting back - but others it's kind of hard. Life happens - so I try to comment as best as I can when I have the time.

    Have a fantastic rest of July!! Can't wait to read what your intentions are for next month!

  6. I'm the worst at commenting on Instagram, too. I don't want to comment unless I have something more to say than just "great photo." I hope you get to reading all those books! I've been reading a lot this summer, too and it is so great to be able to just relax with a good book without having to worry about analysis or tests for it haha.

    - Courtney