Monday, July 18, 2016

My Favorite Statement Necklaces

Hey everyone! Back in May I did a blog post called My Favorite Statement Earrings  (linked in the title) where I shared 3 pairs of Kendra Scott earrings that I just adore! I really enjoyed writing that post and sharing it with all of my readers so I wanted to follow up with a similar theme and share some statement necklaces I really enjoy.

Clear + White Jewels
I really like this necklace because it's size and shape really call attention to the piece, but with the jewels being white and clear it's a little more toned down and a little more wearable. I actually got this statement necklace at Walmart for really cheap!

Clear + Purple from Bauble Bar
I got this necklace on a pretty popular jewelry site- Bauble Bar. This necklace is also a little more toned down in color but brings a super cute look to any outfit that's sure to make it stand out.

Bubble Necklaces

If you ask me, these bubble necklaces are what started the statement necklace trend. In fact, these were my first statement necklaces. I love how easy these are to just throw on with just about anything to add an interesting touch. Like the other statement necklaces, these are simple colors to make sure the necklaces are still a little toned down and more sophisticated.

Black Flowers
This one is a dupe for a super popular necklace at J. Crew- but I got this one at Target a while back. I like this one because it's much shorter than the other necklaces I showed above. I also think that the fact that it's flowers rather than circles, squares, or another common shape adds some interesting detail an outfit!

I hope you all enjoyed this look at my favorite statement necklaces! Do you wear statement necklaces? Where did you get your favorites?


  1. I was just in the jcrew outlet today and saw a flower necklace like that--very cute! Definitely on my wish list!


  2. I love this post!! Bubble necklaces are my favorite I have two right now in white and black. Love the bauble bar necklace!

    Corsica | Kisses From Carolina