Monday, July 4, 2016

Travel Journal: Morehead + Atlantic Beach

Hey everyone! Today I've got my last post about my family vacation! This is the fourth and final post- crazy right?! If you missed any of the pervious posts...Check out Havelock here, New Bern here, and Cape Lookout here. This post is the shortest and includes two places combined because we did both in one day- if you don't know, Morehead and Atlantic Beach are only separated by a bridge. Like I've said in all the other posts- I hope you enjoy seeing more pictures from my vacation!

The first pictures I'm showing y'all are from Atlantic Beach. If I'm being honest, we just walked on the beach for a few minutes and took a few pictures, after that we headed to Morehead.

Here's a picture with the hand sign for Sigma Alpha Omega!

Here's another representing Sigma Alpha Omega. Right now I'm in the process of helping found a chapter at my university!

Yet another picture of Hailey and I on the beach! I only wish we could've spent more time there!

After that, we went to Morehead, and hung out on the water front.

I was able to get this pretty cool picture of these pretty cool boats!

We ate at The Ruddy Duck Tavern right on the water!

I had eaten a lot of seafood already during the week, so I decided to stick with a regular cheese burger for lunch! It was super yummy.

Hailey and I ended our lunch by sharing a piece of Chocolate Mousse Pie. If you haven't noticed, this trip tasted super good but was super good for my health!

I hope you've enjoyed this look into my vacation!

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