Monday, August 15, 2016

5 College Essentials

Hey everyone! I've been a college student for an entire year now so I feel like I'm finally getting a handle on things. Now I've been able to find some things that have really been saving my life, keeping me together, and have made college easier. So as we go into a new semester and new school year- I  really wanted to share my top 5 college essentials; so here they are! Hope you enjoy!

1. A Planner/Agenda
I use the large Lilly Pulitzer agenda. This is such an important thing to make sure you keep your classes and due dates, work and social life all together!

2. Good Pens/Highlighters
I use G2 pens- they're my favorite! I like using pen over pencil for most of my notes because it more permanent and easy to read. I also like highlighters for color coding different types of events in my planner.

3. Starbucks Gift Cards
I'm not gonna lie, my Starbucks obsession has grown a ton since starting college. Having a gift card on had makes the trip to Starbucks go so much more smoothly!

4. A Good Umbrella
I use one I got from UNCC, however, any one will do! Depending on where you go to school, it is likely that it will sometimes rain when your on your way to class, so it's good to have an umbrella to keep you at least a little dry!

5. Water bottles/ Tumbler cups
I have a wide collection of them and love every one. They're great for water, soda, lemonade- anything! It's important to have to stay healthy!

Just a little disclaimer that these may not apply to everyone, but they are things I've really enjoyed and really got a lot of use of as a college student. I find that these things really do make my life easier. To any other college students out there- what are your essentials? 


  1. Great post!! Most of these are definitely college essentials for me too :)

    Itunu x

  2. I'm going to uni next year and I've been reading so many posts on college and uni! Loved this one! xx

    -Sophie xx || Cherries and Perfume