Monday, August 8, 2016

5 Things They Don't Tell You About Nannying

Hey everyone! So if you keep up with me on social media or have been reading my blog posts you may know that I spent a lot of my summer nannying. I had never been a consistent nanny before, just occasional babysitting whenever a job came up. So I didn't know exactly what it'd be like. But now that I've gotten some experience I wanted to share 5 things they don't tell you about nannying. I hope you enjoy this insight!

It's actually a lot of work
Sometimes people can be quick to think that being a nanny is easy. That it's just making sure the kids don't hurt themselves. But it can be a lot of work. Kids have to be feed and also entertained. It's not really a good idea to let kids watch TV all day so I have to always be coming up with games and things to do that are fun.

You will worry about the kids
You spend so much time with the kids you nanny, you learn exactly what's normal for them. So it something starts to seem off, you worry. Or even if an accident does happen- either on your watch or off, you worry. They become so much a part of your life that you just can't help worrying about them.

Nap time is the best time
Growing up most of us didn't really enjoy naps. Now that we're older we do tend enjoy taking naps sometimes. But I never realized how amazing a child's nap time is for the adult in charge until I became a nanny. It's beautiful quiet time you get to yourself! And no matter what you do with that time, I promise you it's a nice treat to break up the day!

You get to be a kid again
As I mentioned before, you have to keep the kids entertained and some times that requires you to bring out your inner child. Singing nursery rhymes in the car, making funny faces, and climbing into forts all can end up part of your job description. But the bright side of this it lets you be a kid again without fear of judgement and I think every adult needs that sometimes.  

You'll love the kids like their your own
Like I said before, you do spend a lot of time with the kids you nanny. With that time you really do starts to love them and they really do begin to be like your own kids! 

I hope you enjoyed this insight into being a nanny! If your a nanny yourself; do you agree with what I said? Do you have anymore insight? Share it in the comments!


  1. I love nap time! I finally get to relax in the quietness because once they wake up again, there won't be any quiet time. Couldn't agree more with everything! Sometimes i don't even want to leave because those little kids are so cute and it's fun to play your chilhood games again haha.

    Yvanne |

  2. Yes, I totally agree! I would also add that you are constantly asking, "Would your parents let you do that?"