Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It's Okay to Take a Break from Blogging

Hey everyone! So y'all might've noticed that towards the end of June I took a week off from blogging on Faith's Girly Life while I was on vacation with family. (If you want to check out the blog posts I did all about my vacation you can go look here, here, here, and  here). I also took a week off from my blog last summer (if you've been reading FGL that long). I think it was in late July or early August. With that said, I thought it was a topic I wanted to share about today. 

If us bloggers are being honest- blogging can take its toll when it's added on onto early day life.  Sometimes trying to find the best pictures is hard and sometimes writers block does happen. And I think that it's ok that things like that happen. I do love blogging- don't get me wrong on that. Blogging has been great for me and a great passion of mine, but sometimes I need a break. I think we all need a break sometimes, from all kinds of things that we do each and everyday. That's why I took my chance to take off during my vacation. Which ended up being the perfect time to do so because my family had limited internet access and was living off of our cell phone data package all week. 

But I also think it's important to remind other bloggers to take a break too. It's important that all the awesome bloggers you read every week feel empowered to take a break, because if you step away from your blog- you come back better than ever. You come back to you blog reminded of why you love to blog so much. The writers block is gone and taking flat lays is fun again. You come back to your blog so refreshed and ready to create for your readers. I know that by the time my vacation was finished and I was headed home- I was so ready and excited to get back to blogging, which is exactly how it should be. When you read someone's content you should be confident in the fact that they love it. So today I'm empowering all bloggers to take a break from blogging if they need it. 

Bloggers- what are your thoughts on taking a break from your blog? Do you take time off every so often? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I definitely agree with how you think! I had to take a break of blogging during finals because my blog took precious study time. When I came back, I felt stronger than ever! It's important to remind ourself that it's okay to take a break sometimes.