Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Monthly Intentions Collaboration- August

Hey everyone! I'm back with another month participating in the Monthly Intentions Goal Collab. I'll start with a High and a Low for the month of July as well as an update on my July goals. Then I'll let you know what my goals for August are! 

High for July
My high for July was defiantly the day my family and I spent on Lake Norman. We rented a pontoon boat and spent the day swimming, hanging out, and eating a pic nice lunch. 

Low for July
My low for July was the heat for sure. North Carolina's temperatures have been through the roof and it's not been fun at all. I just hope the temperatures begin to cool off a bit soon!

July Goals Update
1. Get better at replying to comments on blog posts- I think I did really well with this! Now I just want to keep up with the progress I made this month and continue to reply to those who comment on my posts!

2. Comment on more Instagram photos- I did really well with this at the beginning of the month but dropped off a bit towards the end. I'd like to continue to work on this during the month of August!

3. Read 3 books- This one was a complete success! I actually even got half way through a 4th book before the month ended! If you're interested in seeing what books I read- I'm posting a list of every book I read this summer later in August!

4. Repaint my nails twice- This is another goal I was able to complete successfully!

August Goals

1. Comment on more Instagram photos-
Because I wasn't completely successful in doing this during the month of July, I'm going to carry this goal over into August!

2. Stick to my blogging schedule-
For the first time ever, I came into the month with all of my blog posts planned out for the month of August. Because I've never done this before, I want to make sure I keep to the schedule.

3. Go to the gym/ work out at least 3 times a week-
My schedule got a little crazy during the month of July so I wasn't as consistent with the gym as I would've liked. I also have a lot going on during the month of August, but I want to make my health a real priority and go to the gym or work out at least 3 times a week. 

I hope you enjoyed a recap of my July as well as a look into my goals for the month of August. Let me know what your goals are in the comments! Also- be sure to take a look at the awesome ladies below to see what their goals are for this month!


  1. Keep up the great work!

  2. Wow you already have all your posts for August scheduled!? Props to you!
    I'm also trying to comment on more IG posts!
    I'm doing ok so far.
    Good luck on your goals for this month!

  3. Great instagram goal! I'm pretty inconsistent at commenting on photos too.

  4. I love your high for July! That sounds like a fun way to spend time with family before the summer ends. Doing my nails is something I can't seem to do. It never stays long enough so I tend to give up. I love your goals for this month. Good luck.

  5. I have never heard of a pontoon boat and had to google what it is and seriously it looks like so much fun! I'll have to see if I can rent one on the water here!! What a fab idea!!

    I love your goals for August, I know I'm a little bit late commenting, so I hope they are going well for you!! Instagram commenting is not something I've ever done before, I'll have to think about it!!

  6. These are fantastic goals! Sorry for the delay in commenting and I really hope that you were able to catch up on all of them.

    Working with IG I always forget to comment on pics - I like a lot of them... but always forget to comment. That's something that I'll try to remember too.

    I can't wait to see what you have planned for September!!

  7. Your goals are amazing! My apologies on the super late comment. Life has been hectic. Hopefully you were able to knock out all of your goals for this month.

    Riding in a pontoon boat sounds like a blast! I've never been, but I bet it was tons of fun!

    I'm totally not the best at planning out my posts in advance. At the most I've been able to plan for about a week in advance. I've got to figure out a system to get ahead at least a couple weeks.

    ♥Can't wait to read about your plans for September!♥

  8. I loved that your high for the month was the day on the pontoon boat! I went on one for the first time this summer and loved it (except I got SO sunburnt)!

    Your goal for August of commenting on more instagram posts is a great one! I need to work on this as well, sometimes I scroll through so mindlessly I don't even think of commenting! Goodluck on your August goals and congrats on a successful July!