Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Monthly Intentions Collaboration- September

Hey everyone! Can you believe it's already September? I can't! It seems like 2016 in itself has gone by really fast but the past few months have really flown by for me! Does anyone else feel the same? But anyhow, I want to update y'all on my August goals and share my goals for September!  

High for August- My high for August was the retreat I want on with my sorority sisters the weekend of the 27th. We really bonded and had a great time! We're actually founding a sorority chapter on our campus so it can be busy and stressful at times, so the retreat was a good chance to just chill together! 

Low for August- My low for August was the fact that it was kind of hard to get into a good routine during the month of August. I had a ton of different things going on so I could never finalize a good routine before it was time to change my schedule again. However, I've been in school for almost 3 weeks now and a routine is taking shape and it's going great!

August Goals Update-
1. Comment on more Instagram photos- I think I did pretty well with this, but I think this is something that always has room for improvement when it comes to typical "blogging stuff."

2. Stick to my blogging schedule- I pretty much stuck to the plan I had put together at the very beginning of the month so I'm really proud of that! 

3. Go to the gym/ work out at least 3 times a week- I kept up with this goal and  I'm very proud of it!

 September Goals
(This one is all about getting life together!)

1. Get into a good school/work routine- As I said above, August was a little rough in the routine department, but now that I've been in school for a little bit a routine has started to take shape and I really want to use the month of September to really get into the routine and make it work for me.

2. Stick to my updated blogging schedule- Over the summer I posted Monday, Wednesday and Friday. However, now that school is back in I've decided to change my schedule to Tuesday and Friday. This is different and will be a change for me so I want to use September to adjust to the new posting schedule.

3. Enjoy- I really just want to enjoy everything in my life this month even if it's not necessarily supposed to be for fun, like babysitting. I think this will keep me sane even if things get crazy or busy!

I know that this months post was a little bit heavier on the August recap side and a little bit lighter on the September goals side- but this month has a lot going on for me with school, work, a sorority, and so on, so I wanted to keep my goals this month simple yet something that will really help me to be successful.

I hope you enjoyed this post! And as always with this collaboration- check out the ladies below to see what their goals are for this month are!


  1. Those are great goals! I love that you're striving to enjoy everything in life because that's definitely something a lot of people could work on. I hope you fall into a routine soon, I know how important that is!!


  2. Nothing wrong with keeping your goals and intentions light during busy months. Especially when school starts up. You have a lot on your plate.

    Good luck reaching these intentions as well as nicely done meeting your August goals.

    Keeping a routine is important, but one of the hardest things to do. I always end up failing at this and just say screw it and fly by the seat of my pants. ...then wonder why I'm a hot mess by the end of the week. Lol.

    Good luck again!! Cannot wait to see what else you post up this month. Cheers!

  3. I love your highs!! Weekend retreat sounds amazing!! I also love that you have enjoying as a goal! That's important!! September is a crazy month, so taking time and setting the reminder to enjoying is a great idea!! Can't wait to see how your month goes!!

  4. It is so hard to get back into a routine! I have been struggling with that as well. One thing that has really made a difference for me is I wake up at the same time everyday, even if I don't have to be up that early! Doing this has allowed me to be more productive and also get a better nights sleep because i'm tired by the end of the day.

    Best of luck on your goals!

  5. Way to go accomplishing all your August goals! I'm trying to get into a new blogging routine too now that school has started. I'm finding it a bit harder than I'm used to to keep up with student teaching and blogging, but I think now that it's been a few weeks I'm getting into more of a routine and doing better with it! Hope your month is going well!

    - Courtney