Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My Struggle with Balancing College + Blogging

Hey everyone! Today I just really wanted to be real and honest with my readers. Balancing college and blogging has been a little bit of a struggle for me at times this semester. And I thought now was an appropriate time to discuss this topic on my blog because I didn't really feel this struggle during my freshman year of college near as much as I feel it now that I'm into my sophomore year.

I think this struggle comes from a few things. The first is that, as a sophomore in college, I've basically finished most of my general education requirements, so this semester I'm focusing on taking classes for my minor in Sociology. This means I'm taking two upper level Sociology classes. Both classes require a good amount of required reading and a few outside projects. I also nanny after my classes are out for the day, which is new for me because I've never gone to school and worked until now. So this combination, unfortunately, begins to make extra time for blogging limited sometimes.

The second is that fact that this semester I had lost a little bit of my creative juice. I had a little writer's block to be honest. There were times when I wanted to write and wanted to blog, but I just couldn't find anything I really wanted to say or wasn't happy with what I had written. The only thing I could come up with was going more life update type posts, and I wasn't sure if that was something y'all as readers would be interested in because I had done so many travel and life related posts at the beginning of the summer. But if you all would like to see more life update posts on Faith's Girly Life, please let me know! I'd love to write them more often if that's something y'all want to read! The good news is that the writers block is gone and I have some content I'm really proud of coming on the blog for y'all.

So I wanted to talk a little bit about this just to show that I'm not perfect and struggle at times. I think sometimes blogs can paint a picture of a having life completely together 100% of the time, which obviously isn't true! Things happen in life. I don't always have everything together. Sometimes being in college and blogging can be difficult for me (and many other bloggers too!). So if you go through a rough day or week or find something you struggle with- it's okay to struggle sometimes!

I also want to let other bloggers know that it's okay to struggle with the balance and it's okay to not be posting constantly. I think bloggers put pressure on themselves to make it look like they have all their ducks in a row and even pressure themselves into getting a certain amount of  posts up each week or month. But it's okay not to be perfect! Weather your a blogger or not- no one's perfect! 

I hope y'all enjoyed my honestly and feel free to let me know what your thought are in the comments below!


  1. I really do agree with this post- take time for yourself and it will reward you in the long run. I have been suffering with not having enough time to write a post due to many reasons, but thanks for the insight on your life! I love these types of posts!

  2. Okay, love love ...LOVE this. So agree with you on the fact that we should take the pressure off of ourselves as bloggers. If we don't get one post out on time it won't be the end of the world.

  3. I totally agree with this!! It's so important to portray real life and not a perfect life!

    Caitlyn |