Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Saying No

Hey everyone! Today I decided to sit down and talk to y'all about something I really believe most college students have to deal with an navigate from time to time, saying no. Sometimes you have to say no to joining a club you might want to join, or going to a sporting event or concert. Whatever the case may be, saying no is something that we often have to do but we don't often want to do. So I wanted to talk about it with y'all!

It's important to remember that saying yes is totally ok, normal. and fun, don't forget to say no sometimes. If we're being honest, we just aren't capable of joining every club, attending every sporting event, and being at every weekend event with their friends, no matter how much we want to. So don't forget to say no every once and a while between and the yeses.

The times you say no, even if you wish you had said yes, are good for your health. Everyone needs a chance to rest. Everyone needs a chance to relax. Everyone needs a chance to just be lazy. So the times when you don't have anything going on, is a good thing! It allows you to re-energize for those times when you do say yes. It gives you the chance to enjoy and appreciate the little things in life, like a good Netflix binge, and also helps you stay grateful for all the fun times and events you've participated in.

Saying no doesn't mean your uncool or boring. I think that sometimes we're afraid to say no because we're nervous about what others might say about us. We don't want them to think we're not cool enough to go to some event with them or that we're too boring to go, but as I said before, everyone needs to say no sometimes to get that rest. It's ok. It's normal. You're not uncool or boring.

The no's will make the yeses more successful. The time saying no gives you to relax and recuperate will allow you to have the most fun and be the most successful during the times you say yes. You'll be able to actually enjoy it if you aren't stressed or worrying about something else, so that rest and down time is so important!

Saying no is something I honestly struggle with from time to time, but I really think it's so important to not only talk about but put into practice. I really hope what I has to say helped someone! Let me know your thoughts on saying no in the comments below!

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