Wednesday, October 19, 2016

God Closes Doors So That He Can Open Windows

Hey everyone! Today I really want to talk about something that happens to all of us but it's also something that can be really difficult to deal with- when God closes a door in our lives. God closing a door can look like a lot of different things. It can be missing out on an opportunity, it can look like a relationship or friendship ending. But the one thing that remains constant is that fact that it hurts when God closes a door.

The things I mentioned before are not fun things. I believe that we (yes, myself included) often struggle with this hurt, we don't know how to feel about the closed door. Some sulk in the pain. Some turn the pain into anger towards God- "Why would He do this to me?" Others allow the closed door to define them- "I'll never be successful without (insert whatever God ended, took away, etc.)" It's honestly so easy to let it devastate you and tear you down and keep you from your true purpose. I understand. I've been there.

But I believe that God has such a bigger and deeper goal in closing these doors. God didn't end that friendship or allow you to miss that opportunity to leave you broken. I believe that God is really setting your up to follow in His grand plan for your life. I believe that God closes doors so that He can open windows. I believe that missed opportunities will allow for bigger and better opportunities. I believe that ended friendships will leave room for stronger and more Jesus centered friendships down the road.

I especially like the illustration of the window, and here's why: a window isn't always easy to get through. You can't just walk on through like a door, you have to climb through it. It requires a little more effort sometimes. You have to take your feet off the ground. It's not always comfortable to climb through a window. I think this is how following God's plan can be sometimes. It's sometimes scary, it's sometimes uncomfortable, and it's sometimes more difficult than following your own plan. Seeking out Jesus-centered friendships can be hard. Finding an opportunity that truly fits into God's plan for your life can be messy. But in the end these difficult windows will fill you up and make you feel whole when the doors, that seem easy, will leave you feeling exhausted. What seems easy now will eventually drain you. What seems hard know is exactly what God wants to use to bless you.

When I look back at the doors that God has closed in my life, I realize that they were all things I wanted for myself, not necessarily something God planned for my life. I realize that He had to close them so I could get onto the path he was paving for me and my life. I realize that applying for that position I didn't get and continuing in that friendship that has since ended was me taking hold of the pen and trying to write my own story. I now know that God is the ultimate author and knows exactly what should and shouldn't be a part of my life.  There's greater plans for me when a door is closed.

So to those of you struggling through the hurt of a closed door- there's greater plans for you when a door is closed too. God is closing doors to get you onto the unique path He's paving for you and your life. He knows what should and shouldn't be a part of your life. God closes doors so that He can open windows.

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